1D Prank Wars

Ok guys this is going to only be a short type of story, but it still ought to be funny ok! I really enjoy reading all the romance and drama fanfiction out there, but I don’t think there are enough playful and funny stories about the boys either. Let’s be honest here, that is why we fell in love with them in the first place! (Other than the fact that they are GORGEOUS!) Anyway, I hope at least one of you all likes it!!! (Some language…mostly Niall and Louis=D)


1. Chapter 1 (Background Info)


“Mia! What the hell is taking so long with our sandwiches!?” Louis yelled from across my living room.

“Yeah!” the other four boys agreed in unison.

      Today was a normal afternoon for all of us. We were just chilling at my apartment watching television, nothing special.  All five boys were here also Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie, and my roommate Lisa.

            Lisa and I had just moved to London not even three months ago from America. We had just finished college together and were out on our own. I became a nurse and Lisa became a writer. I had always wanted to live in another country, not that I didn’t love the states; I just wanted to travel around the world. It didn’t take much convincing to get Lisa to move with me.

            Now, I bet you all are wondering how exactly One Direction ties into all of this, well that’s simple: DISNEYWORLD!!!

            Lisa and I were celebrating that we decided to move to London, and the boys (and their girls) were there celebrating their recent world tour. By the grace of God I got to sit next to Niall on the Tower of Terror, and by the end of the ride I had been so scared that I had my whole head tucked into his shoulder with him laughing trying to get me to calm down. I was so shaken up I hadn’t even noticed (ok…maybe I noticed a little…or a lot. Maybe it was planned! You and Niall will never know!).   

            Niall and I were still talking and laughing after we got off the ride. I told him that after the whole ordeal I was going to need a drink. Being the gentlemen that he was, he offered me some of his lemonade. I looked at him like he was crazy and said I was going to need something a lot stronger than that. He burst into one of his now famous laughs and I tried really hard to hide the fact that I was about to die on the inside from fangirling.

            We eventually found Lisa and the rest of his group and spent the remaining time of our vacation going to the parks together. Once they all had heard the news of Lisa and I moving each of them insisted that we stay in touch and that they would be our new friends in London. Who in their right mind would refuse that?

            Fast forward three months and here we are today! I didn’t realize I was staring off into space until I felt one of Louis sweaty, stinky TOMS being chucked at my face, that damn thing smelled like death.

“What the fuck are you doing!? Finish the sandwiches!” Louis said getting pissed with me.

Harry gave him the ‘watch your language’ look. He honestly hated swear words.

“I’m sorry mate, but we are hungry!” Louis protested.

       By that time I had walked out the kitchen with a massive stack of Turkey BLTs and the boys attacked it like animals. I felt like I was in the middle of a National Geographic documentary. It was a good thing I had a well-paying job, because they practically ate me out of house and home. I enjoyed cooking and baking in my spare time so naturally my house was the place to get a good meal…every day.

All was well once they were full and content; we went back to watching TV for a while until I heard the very loud and distinct grumble of Niall’s stomach. He gave me a pleading look and it was back to the kitchen I went.


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