I Fell in Love with my Best Friend

Austin Mahone fan fic.
Jen and Austin have been close friends since they were little, she stood by him through everything. She even filmed some of his youtube covers, when he got signed she was so happy for him but when he came back to San Antonio to visit, he didn't remember her. She was devastated, Austin forgot about her. She even went to a concert and he thought she was just a fan. Can she rekindle their friendship?


7. Surprise!

Austin's POV: 

It has been three days, I'm really getting used to waking up to her beautiful face. I love her and something inside me, tells me she loves me back. But, I want to know for sure. I snuck out of the bed so she would not wake up and ruin the surprise. I made her cinnamon french toast baked with apple and with the maple syrup I wrote I Love You and instead of napkins I put the plane ticket to Fiji that I got last night for her, of course I got myself one too. I was drinking Fiji water last night and I was thinking about how pretty the waterfalls must be and then I imagined how pretty it would be to find one of those waterfalls you can sit behind and have the lake area you can jump in, that'd be so much fun so I bought 4 plane tickets to Fiji. Me, Jen, Mama and Dave. This ought to be fun. 

Jen's POV:

I woke up the next day to the smell of cinnamon and Austin singing With You. It made me remember the times I was just a mahomie watching his YouTube covers. I got up, stretched and went to the bathroom. When I walked into the kitchen Austin was placing a glass of chocolate milk on the table. I read the syrup and immediately tackled him. He lifted my legs so they were wrapped around him and pushed my back against the wall, we kissed and when we were done I responded with "I love you, too Austin" he smiled and kept kissing me. When we were finished being all Nicholas Sparks-y we finally sat down and ate, I was overwhelmed by the food but when I tried to wipe my face, I felt that it wasn't a napkin, I looked at it then said "babe, what is this?" with a puzzled face. "I bought myself, You, my Mom and Dave plane tickets to Fiji. I really do love you and I want to get away with you, get away from our fanbases for a little while, get away from the drama and the paparazzi. We both need a break. But, of course Dave is my security guard and one of my best friends so he has to come and my Mom... is my Mom, she's a necessity" I had tears in my eyes "thank you! I love you so much, I always have and always will". We finished eating and put our plates in the dishwasher.  There was a knock on the door and Austin looked threw the peephole, smiled and opened it. I heard him talk to a guy, thank him and the take something. I'm guessing it was a delivery? Austin shut the door and told me to follow him to the couch. We sat down and he looked me in the eyes and said "I didn't expect this to deliver so quick but, I bought you a little something special" he unwrapped the package and handed me a Tiffany & Co. box. "no, Austin come on! Why would you do this? You know I don't like being spoiled, Fiji is MORE than enough." I lectured "Babe shush and open it" he snickered. I sighed and opened the box, inside was a white gold bracelet with circular diamonds lined around it resembling a Cartier cuff and there was and infinity sign engraved on the outside but on the inside it read 'forever?' I started crying, he remembered. That was so long ago and he remembers. When he was 10 and I was 8, it was our two year friendship anniversary an he made me a seashell necklace and I made him a beaded bracelet. When we exchanged the gifts, he said "forever?" I nodded and replied "forever." He wiped my tears and I said "babe, you remember that?" he giggled "of course I did" we kissed and he put the bracelet on me. We stayed on the couch that whole day just cuddling.

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