I Fell in Love with my Best Friend

Austin Mahone fan fic.
Jen and Austin have been close friends since they were little, she stood by him through everything. She even filmed some of his youtube covers, when he got signed she was so happy for him but when he came back to San Antonio to visit, he didn't remember her. She was devastated, Austin forgot about her. She even went to a concert and he thought she was just a fan. Can she rekindle their friendship?


3. Remember Me?

Jen's POV: I sat in the park for about 5 minutes because I was early and when I checked my watch to see what time it was, I remembered that Austin had gave me this watch for my 14th Birthday, he got it engraved it read "happy birthday best friend, I love you -ACM". A tear ran down my cheek. I looked up and saw Austin walking towards me, I wiped the tear grabbed my purse and stood up. 

Austin's POV:  if this girl was actually my best friend, how did I forget her?? Jen. That sounds so familiar, she looked really familiar at the m&g too! OH! Jen!! That's that girl that sings "Texas Days" and "Missin' U" but why does she think that we were best friends? I looked up and saw how cute she looked, even if I don't remember her, or there's nothing to remember, I wouldn't mind being her best friend ;) "Hey" I said "Hey, Austin" she replied. I gave her a hug and we sat down at a nearby picnic table. She pulled out a photo album that said on the cover 'Austin & Jen. BFF's!' I smiled, somewhat in shock. "Our Mom's made it when I was 11 and you were 13". I nodded. "Well when I was 6, I moved from Toronto to San Antonio, and that's when I moved in across the street from you and started attending the same school as you, our Mom's became friends and invited each other over so we would always see each other at each other's house's, the first time your mom invited my mom & I for dinner we were upstairs playing video games and then our mom's let us go play at the park, and you pushed me off the slide and I sprained my ankle. But, you gave me a piggyback ride to your house". I remember that little girl across the street! I had the biggest crush on her! Oh my God! I had a crush on Jen! But, I don't remember everything so I nodded again and let her continue so she could spark more memories. "That was the day we became inseparable, we started doing everything together. We'd hang out everyday, all day, we would always be partners for everything at school, if we needed help with anything we'd call each other. We glued Madame Smith's chalk to her desk and got detention for a month! We broke Mr. Harris' favourite gnome and got grounded for two weeks! Man, I can't believe you don't remember this" but as she showed me the pictures and told me all that, I did. I remembered everything she had just said. "And that means you don't remember my cousin Jessica's Sweet 16 party" a tear ran down her face so I leaned over the table and wiped it from her cheek, she looked up at me with those gorgeous green eyes and her light brown hair blowing lightly in the wind and in that moment, I had like a little flashback, it was of me and Jen at a party which I'm guessing was her cousins sweet sixteen and we were slow-dancing to So Sick by Ne-Yo and then when the song finished, we kissed and she flipped the next page, it was a picture someone took of us that night, kissing, she was 12 and I was 14 but we never cared, the only reason I remember that night so clear and vividly was because I recall telling Alex every detail over the phone. I also remember uttering the words "I love her". Then when I sat back down, she pulled something out of her bag and gave it to me, I looked at it and she said "I can't believe you don't remember me, you don't remember us". She got her bag, and quietly ran away crying so I wouldn't notice her leave. It was a postcard from Texas that read "Dear Jen, I miss you so much. I have amazing news! I GOT SIGNED TO CHASE/UNIVERSAL REPUBLIC!!! Thank you so much for being there for me, standing up for me, helping me gain the confidence to make my account. Did I mention I miss you? So much? I love you. Thanks again for everything baby, you'll always be my best friend <3 love, Austy P.S. There's a hug waiting for you as soon as you get back" I remember this too, she went to Cuba, and by the time she got back I had moved to Miami and changed my number due to privacy reasons. I put the postcard in the album, grabbed it and ran after her, but I noticed something shiny in the grass, she dropped her watch, I saw an engraving on it "happy birthday best friend, I love you -ACM" I got this for her? It doesn't matter I need to find her!

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