I Fell in Love with my Best Friend

Austin Mahone fan fic.
Jen and Austin have been close friends since they were little, she stood by him through everything. She even filmed some of his youtube covers, when he got signed she was so happy for him but when he came back to San Antonio to visit, he didn't remember her. She was devastated, Austin forgot about her. She even went to a concert and he thought she was just a fan. Can she rekindle their friendship?


4. Begin Again

Austin's POV: I've been walking for an hour and I can't find her, I took the watch out of my pocket and looked at it again, inside the back cover she put a little note that said "think about this, where would the 12 year old Austin look for the 10 year old Jen, in a park?" I had to think really hard but then I got it, the slide! I ran to the slides and saw her sitting at the top of the tallest, steepest one. I sat down at the bottom of the slide and faced her. "I remember." She looked up shocked an confused, "you heard me, I said I remember. Everything, and I'm sorry" she threw her bag off the slide and speedily slid down the slide knocking me off and her on top of me.

Jen's POV: I landed right on top of him, his legs still rested on the slide, he was holding my waist and I was kinda sitting on him, with one of my legs on each side of him. We looked into each others eyes and laughed. Then, he removed just one of his hands, leaving the other still firmly placed, from my waist and put it on my cheek, then he kissed me. 

Austin's POV: I still don't know how I couldn't remember someone that was such a big part of my life. But, all that matters now, is keeping her part of my life now, I think Mahomies will like her, she's one of them and she's not blonde, everyone thought I was only going to date a blonde. I remember Jen having blonde hair when we were little. It was so curly, but I guess she straightens it now. I took her to my condo. The whole drive home, all she talked about was how sexy my car was. 

Jen's POV:  I can't help it, I love Range Rovers. I also love the colour red. When we got to Austin's condo, I wasn't surprised, it looked exactly like how it did on the Ustream's. When Michele saw me she said "Austin, who's this?" I replied for him, shaking her hand "I'm Jen, an old friend of Austin's" she tilted her head and replied "wait a second, you're not Jen from Texas are you?" I laughed, "Yes, I am. I thought you wouldn't remember me." Michele laughed as if I was speaking German "are you crazy? Your mother and I were best friends, and you were my son's best friend, partner in crime and girlfriend! I couldn't forget you!" Hearing that made me smile, it made Austin smile to but I know he felt guilty, that she remembered me and he hadn't. "Your hair got so dark, did you dye it?" She questioned "no, as I got older, it got darker" Austin was kind of giving Mama a look as in "stop talking" and when she did he ran over and picked me up and took me into his room, he dropped me on his bed and said "I kinda miss posters plastered on every inch of my room" with a snicker, "oh man, I remember having to go on your shoulders to get them on the ceiling!" I said, laughing "oh yeah, I miss Texas. As much as I love doing shows I wish I could take a break from being 'AUSTIN MAHONE' and go back to Texas and just be 'Austin Mahone'" I nodded. Then he turned around and patted his back saying "get on" I jumped on his back, wrapping my arms securely around him and he took me into his closet, damn this kid has a lot of clothes, I looked at all his shoes, there had to be more than 100. "Austin, I think you need an intervention, you have way too many shoes" "what? You can never have to many shoes!" He responded smiling. "You know, now that I think about it, all the times I'm in Miami, I've never once gone shopping" I said laughing at the realisation but for some reason Austin looked mischievous, as if he were planning something, I knew that face too well. "What is it, Austin?" I questioned "well, I guess I'll pick you up tomorrow at 11? Bring money and you die." I laughed and said "what are you talking about?" "I'm going to take you shopping tomorrow, my treat, its the least I can do for forgetting you babe" he said leaning over and kissing me on the cheek, I blushed and said "you don't have to" "I want to, and you know how stubborn I am" he snapped back "very true, but you're not going to spend a lot, you know how stubborn I AM" we both laughed.

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