I Fell in Love with my Best Friend

Austin Mahone fan fic.
Jen and Austin have been close friends since they were little, she stood by him through everything. She even filmed some of his youtube covers, when he got signed she was so happy for him but when he came back to San Antonio to visit, he didn't remember her. She was devastated, Austin forgot about her. She even went to a concert and he thought she was just a fan. Can she rekindle their friendship?


1. Back in Texas

Jen's POV:

So Austin and I met in 2004. He was 8 and I was 6. I can safely say we were best friends. We went everywhere with each other and we always had one another's back. When he begun his YouTube covers and people insulted him in class, even if he wasn't there, I'd still stand up for him. I actually got into a literal fistfight because one girl in my class called him a "fag that has no talent, just a wannabe" knowing it would piss me off. Physically, I won. But, I lost in the end because they believed that I beat her up for no reason, she lied and said she didn't say anything. So, I got grounded for 2 weeks and I didn't get to see Austin because it was summer break so we didn't have school. The next time I saw him he thanked me and thats when he told me about how the fan base was growing. I was so proud of him, that day he wanted a motto so together we created "Haters Gonna Hate, Mahomies Gonna Love" I had about 10'000 followers on twitter because of Austin and there was this one girl who hated me so much that she had drawn a picture of her stabbing me.. and then got people to trend #StayAwayFromAustin and #LeaveAMAloneOrElse . Thats when Austin thought it'd be best for me to temporarily deactivate my twitter, and I did. Then Austin, his mom, and his Aunt Lisa got Mahomies to trend #ComeBackJen and #NoMoreHate worldwide. When Austin was in grade 10 he got signed. I was on vacation since June that year so I when I got his post card I was so happy for him! He hadn't seen me for 3 months, I looked so different, he probably wouldn't recognize me. The next time I saw him he had no idea who I was. Neither did Lisa or Mama Mahone. I didn't try to get him to remember me when I saw him, I had ran up to him and jumped on him screaming his name and he said "hey beautiful, want a picture?" I thought it was a joke so I said "of course!" we took a picture and he looked at me, looking right through me and said "hope you had a good time at the concert!" I said still thinking he remembered me "I did, you were amazing as usual Austin!" he smiled that smile I missed so bad and answered "hah, thats sweet! Got to go! Bye babe!" I continuously blinked wondering what the fuck had just happened. I just walked out and went home crying. 

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