The Best Day

Katherine Jones had been dating Liam Payne for a while, and she thought things couldn't get better. She was wrong.


1. Dinner?

     Katherine Jones sighed as she fell face first onto her bed. That day had been a very stressful and busy day. First, the blonde had woken up to her wonderful boyfriend Liam Payne saying that he wouldn't be back until later that evening; Second, Kat had gotten yelled at by her boss for being late...again. She had then had to deal with screaming and whining kids running around the toy store where Katherine worked. So, you could say it had been a stressful day.

      Kat sighed as she shoved her face into a pillow and screamed out the frustrations of the day. But, that was suddenly interrupted as the green eyed girl heard a tapping at her window. Curious, she got up from the bed and walked to her window that looked down to the backyard. What she saw was possibly one of the most surprising things the girl had ever seen; it was Liam throwing rocks at her window. But, that wasn't what shocked her.

     What shocked Katherine was that her backyard had transformed into what seemed like a picture from one of those cheesy romantic comedies, complete with fairy lights. The ground had a small red carpet that had, what looked like, small lanterns leading to a table set for two, with a lantern giving off a soft glow; near that, was a stage that held two columns with white fairy lights strung all around them and even a strand going overhead, where, unsurprisingly, was the rest of One Direction, looking like that they were getting ready to sing. When the blonde looked back at her boyfriend she saw that he now held a sign that asked, 'Dinner?'

     Kat giggled and nodded, smiling as she brushed her hair quickly and checked the small amount of makeup she was wearing. Racing down the stairs to the backdoor, the girl stopped and stared as she saw Liam standing there with a single white rose. "Liam, what is going on? Not that I don't love it, but a little warning would have been nice." Katherine said with a bit of awe in her voice that this was actually happening. Liam gave a tiny smirk that always had made the blonde's knees turn to jelly. He then spoke in that wonderful voice of his, "Well, Miss Jones, I would like to think of it as a date."

     The green-eyed girl rolled her eyes and said something suspiciously like ,"Smart alack." That just made the boy's eyes dance in mirth and grin like a loon. "So," he started, "Will you accompany me to dinner?" With that he held out his left arm in invitation; Kat smiled and nodded her head, accepting the arm and letting Liam lead the way to their table.  

     Katherine smiled as, while they were walking, she looked around and saw that the guys on the stage started to softly sing a song that she knew by heart, but couldn't quite make out the lyrics to, but sounded like 'Truly, Madly Deeply'. Once they reached the table that was covered with a white table cloth, Liam pulled out her chair and, once they were both seated, uncovered dishes that she had previously not noticed were there. The scent that hit her was amazing; It smelled of garlic and all sorts of different spices. What she saw looked even better; the plate had spaghetti that was perfectly covered with meatballs and sauce that smelled divine. Sitting close by was a plate of garlic bread, which was obviously were the garlic smell was coming from.

     The blonde-haired girl looked at her boyfriend in surprise, "What's the special occasion, Li-Li?" Liam smiled at the nickname his amazing girlfriend had given him and shook his head, "No special occasion; I just thought you might enjoy something different from our usual night out." Kat smiled, "Well, the food looks amazing." Liam gave a smirk that sent her heart fluttering like a humming bird, "It probably tastes even better." The girl nodded and smiled, "Then let us eat, shall we?" With that, the couple dug into the food, both just enjoying the others company.

     While they were eating, the two talked about different, and sometimes even random, topics including things like the latest gossip, to how the duo's parents were fairing. After the spaghetti was eaten, Liam stood up and walked over to Katherine and asked her a question that slightly surprised the girl, "Will you do me the honor of dancing with me?" The green-eyed girl smiled and nodded, standing and giving Liam her hand. He pulled her out further into the yard, where Katherine wrapped her arms around the brown eyed boy's neck, while him around her waist.

     After a while of dancing with Katherine just listening to the sound of music where the stage was coming from, Liam cleared his throat, causing the girl to look up from where her head had been laying on the boy's chest. "Yes Liam?" Liam backed up slightly while taking her hands, looking suddenly very nervous. He kissed her gently on the cheek and dropped ever so gently to one of his knees, while looking up into the girl's face. Katherine had one of the most shocked faces one could only ever think of having, while on the inside, thinking, 'Is he really going to...?'    

     Liam took a deep breath and spoke words Kat could only have hoped of hearing in her dreams, "Katherine, I have thought about this for a long time, and I have figured out what you have done to me; You have made me fall in love with you. While this doesn't seem like much it is and I will tell you why; I have never loved someone so truly before. I thought I knew what love was, but that was before I met you, and I see that now. When we started out as a couple, I only thought we would last a few days, but, as luck would have, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into two years which has lead us right here, right now. I never would have thought that I would have the pleasure of meeting someone like you; confident, beautiful, and strong enough to handle the ups and downs that come with dating and loving a pop star. We have been through so much it is unbelievable to look back at what we have actually done together. I want to continue to do that, every day of my life, every single chance I get, and you know why? Because I love you, and I ask here, with the truest and most honest form of love possible...Will you marry me?"

     By this time, Katherine had tears silently coursing down her face. Was Liam truly asking her, of all people, to marry him? When she looked into his eyes, Kat could see the honesty, hope, and love shining in glimmering in his eyes. A moment later, a silly-looking grin slowly spread onto her face and she replied, "Liam you silly man, was there ever any doubt?" With those words, the brown-haired boy gave her a thousand watt smile and slid a ring that he took from his pocket, onto her finger; it was a simple silver band and had a single, baby blue diamond in the center. When the ring was on, he stood up and took her into his arms, kissing her deeply with all the emotion that seemed to simply pour from the couple. After a moment, Liam pulled back and put his forehead on hers, speaking these words, "Happy Valentines Day, love." 


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