My Life as Alexandra 

Alexandra is a singer who just wants to be like a normal teenager but, it's hard because she's famous.


1. A Day to Remember

I woke up this morning not wanting to go to work.It was hard to see my fans and not get to personally talk to each and every one of them.I owe everything to them my career, my accomplishments, my life.The fact that I can't spend two minutes getting to know them makes me so mad but, I know I have to meet up with management and approve songs .To tell you the truth I hate how I can't use the songs I write.Once when I showed them one of my songs they said I was inexperienced and I'll never make it with song like the one I showed them but that was nine years ago before I become famous. I decided to take a shower and get dressed, paparazzi were always waiting outside my house.I looked through the window to see if they were there and for once they weren't I was so happy. I didn't want to attract attention so I put on some Abercrombie jeans,a cropped vs Pink purple top,and my converse. I hurried so that if they were there they wouldn't be up in my face as much.To my surprise no flashing lights,no asking questions, no rude comments I was dumbfounded. This was my chance to walk around doing  normal teenage stuff.I could finally go to the mall without being photo graphed and pushed by some creepy men. I got to the mall it was a bit early though,I forgot I hadn't had breakfast.I walked around the mall apparently it was called fashion square I found a Starbucks though I'm not a big coffee person I do love their hot chocolate and their cake pops. Once I finished my breakfast I notice that stores were open.This might sound weird to people who get to come here often but, I felt so nervous and afraid that someone would recognize me. I went to my favorite store Victorias Secret  Pink. I went in and for once I feel like a normal teenager.I found some really cute boots that I simply had to have and a couple hoodies and sweat pants and before I knew it I couldn't carry any more bags.Thats what I get for forgetting I don't have anyone to help me carry my bags.I heard my phone ring it was Shannon my manager wondering where I was at.See Shannon is a sweet person but....she doesn't trust me and treats me like I'm 9 I'm 18 I should be able to do what ever I want when ever I wanted.It was a good thing she called or I would have forgotten about the meeting.I finally got to my car after asking for directions.I started to put my bags in the trunk and then I heard some girl started screaming "Oh my god its Alexandra!" Then all of a sudden all theses girls appeared out of no wear. I didn't bother to get in my car because if I did they would surround it and I don't want to hurt them plus it was only like 15-20 girls and 3 guys after talking to them and taking pictures with them they left because i told them I had to go.Im so lucky to have such understanding fans. Now if only management was as understanding.
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