You're Phenominiall

For the first time since Niall met the boys, he's sad. He wants to find his Princess. Niall has gone into a state of depression. He refuses to sing or do anything, until he finds his Princess. But now, it's up to Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam, to find her. But will they find her before they have to go on tour, and it's too late? Niall decides to discuss it with his friend on a chat site. She tells him to just wait for the right girl. Little did she know it was her. But what four of them don't know yet, is that she is right in front of them. All they have to do, is bring her out.

When Kayren Trence's mother doesn't come home one day after work, Kayren, her little brother, Ash, and sister, Carly, go on the plane to their new house in London. Harry hacks into Niall's chat account and tell Kayren he'll have a friend pick her up. There she figures out that JustANando's Guy was Niall Horan. But now there are so many questions.

Will Kayren find her mom?

Will Carly figure out?

Will Niall


2. Chapter 2 - Moving


Chapter 2 - Moving - Glosgow, UK - Kayren's POV

I wake up in the morning thinking, poor Jake.

I mean he wants to find his princess. Not many boys think about that. Most of them just want a girlfriend.

I sigh and stare at my blank walls. We're moving to London. I had to have everything packed by today. I'd got half my room done. I could really use some help.

"Carly!" I call.

My little sister comes running into my room wearing a princess dress and high heels.

"Playing dress-up again I see?" I say. She giggles.

"Do you wanna help me pack?" I ask her.

"Yah." She rushes to my toys and begins packing them in a box.

When we finally finish packing everything, I move my move the boxes to the living room. Ash starts crying.

"Mom!" I call. I walk into the kitchen. A note is placed on the table.

Written on it is this:

Working late. Sorry baby.


Of course. Moms at work as usual.

"I'm coming Ash," I walk into Ash's room.

I pick him up from his crib and carry him to the living room to his play-pin. I walk into the kitchen and make him a bottle. I hand it to him and he drinks the milk happily.

"Do you want something to eat Carly?" I ask her.

"Yah some cereal." She says.

"Lucky Charms?" I question her.

"My favorite," she smiles.

I pour myself and Carly a bowl of Lucky Charms. After adding the milk, we dig in. Carly attacks the marshmallows.

I finish my cereal. Carly is still attacking her marshmallows. When she finishes, I take our bowls and place them in the sink.

Carly plops down on the couch in front of the T.V.

"What do you wanna watch Carly?" I ask her.

"Is Spongebob on?"

"Let's see."

When my mother gets home that night it's 10 o'clock and Carly had already gone to bed. I had just been waiting for her to get here before I did the same.

"I'm gonna go to bed." I say.

"Make sure you take Ash to bed too." My mom says.

I pick Ash up out of his playpen and carry him to his crib.

"Night Ash," I whisper. Walking to my room. I close my door begins me and hop into my bed. I get under my warm covers. Goodnight world.





* * *






I wake up to my alarm clock. I groan and shut it off. Another note on the kitchen counter saying she'll be here before the flight.

I throw the note in the trash. Our flight left at exactly 2:15 PM. It's 6:00 AM right now. But it's a Sunday today.

I check my phone.

2 new messages light up the screen.

New messages from:



I text Jamie first. She said, So I hear you're moving. I'll miss you a bunch. Just don't forget about me.

Never in a million years, I text back.

JustANando'sGuy: You're moving? Where?

PandaLoverKay: London. How'd you know I was moving?

JustANando'sGuy: I have ways. That's where I live though. Maybe I'll see ya sometime.

PandaLoverKay: Sounds good. Bye.

JustNando'sGuy: Bye.

I plop down on the couch and turn the TV on.

6:30 AM - I make myself some cereal

7:00 AM - Carly and Ash wake up

8:00 AM - I make Carly breakfast

9:00 AM - I start loading boxes into the 'moving truck'

10:00 AM - I make Carly lunch

11:00 AM - I start to get worried

12:00 PM - I load Ash, Carly, and some luggage into the car and drive to the airport

1:00 PM - I climb aboard the plane

I've called my like 10 times and she hasn't picked up. Where is she? The plane takes off. I open my phone and send a message to Jake.

PandaLoverKay: Jake, I'm worried. My mom hasn't boarded the plane yet. What if she got hurt. I'm in the plane now and is already taken off.

JustANando'sGuy: Um. Maybe when you arrive in London, if she's not there, you can stay with me until she gets there.

PandaLoverKay: Sounds good. Sorry I'm so much trouble.

JustANano'sGuy: It's no problem at all. I'll even havea friend pick you up.

PandaLoverKay: Altright. Thanks Jake.

JustANano'sGuy: Oh and one more thing. Call me Niall. That's my real name.

PandaLoverKay: Alright.





* * *






When I arrive at the airport like Niall said; his friend was there. He had a hat that covered his hair, and sunglasses that covered his eyes but, he was holding a sign that said: Kayren, on it. I hold on to Ash tighter and grab Carly's hand. She was carrying her luggage while I was trying to hold my own and Ash's

"You're Kayren? Right?" his friend asks. Grabbing the luggage from my hand.

"Yah. Thanks for carrying that for me." I say.

"No problem," He flashes me a smile.

The drive to where Niall lives is silent until his friend interrupts the silence, "You know Niall really wants his princess. He's refusing to do anything."

"Wow. Poor him." I say.

"Yah. Maybe you can cheer him up though. He says you understand."

Carly tugs at my sleeve. "Where are we?" She asks.

"We're in London." I tell her.

"Where's mommy?" She looks me in the eyes. Her little brown eyes. They look so scared. She looks so scared.

"I don't know Carly." I whisper.

She shifts in her booster seat.

"What are we gonna feed Ash?" He asks.

"He's still a baby. So he can't eat the foods you do. He drinks special milk," I take his formula out of his diaper bag to show her.

"Oh. Cool." She says.

I put the formula back in the bag.

"So what's your name?" I ask him.

"Harry," he replies.

I carefully take off his hat. Curly hair springs loose from the hat.

"You're Harry Styles and the person who I've been talking to is Niall Horan." I almost shout.

"You aren't gonna go all fan-girl on me. Are you? Because I can turn this car around," he places the hat back on his head.

"Naw," I say. "I just wanted to be sure that I was right."

"Good. Now promise me this. You have to make Niall happy, in 2 months. Please? I can't stand him being like this. Plus we have a your in 2 months. He's refusing to sing.'' Harry sighs. He pulls into the driveway.

I open the door and unbuckle Carly and pick Ash up out of his carseat. I grab Carly's hand.

"Also. He doesn't know your coming here." Harry says.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because. I was the one who was chatting with you earlier on that plane." He says.

"Why would you do that?" I ask.

"Because, he says that you understand him. And I jut think that you might be his Princess." He says as he approaches the front door.

"Me? Niall Horan's Princess? No way possible. I'm just a normal girl. There's nothing special about me." I tell him.

"Maybe not to you. But maybe to Niall."





* * *






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