You're Phenominiall

For the first time since Niall met the boys, he's sad. He wants to find his Princess. Niall has gone into a state of depression. He refuses to sing or do anything, until he finds his Princess. But now, it's up to Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam, to find her. But will they find her before they have to go on tour, and it's too late? Niall decides to discuss it with his friend on a chat site. She tells him to just wait for the right girl. Little did she know it was her. But what four of them don't know yet, is that she is right in front of them. All they have to do, is bring her out.

When Kayren Trence's mother doesn't come home one day after work, Kayren, her little brother, Ash, and sister, Carly, go on the plane to their new house in London. Harry hacks into Niall's chat account and tell Kayren he'll have a friend pick her up. There she figures out that JustANando's Guy was Niall Horan. But now there are so many questions.

Will Kayren find her mom?

Will Carly figure out?

Will Niall


17. Chapter 17 - You're Just Angry

Chapter 17 - You're Just Angry - Home - Summer - Niall's POV

"Niall? What's wrong?" Harry asks after I drop the phone.

"She's dead, Harry. She died." I reply blankly, unable to take in the events.

"Who? Kayren? Kayren is dead?" Harry looks from me to the phone on the ground. I drop to the ground and start sobbing into my hands.

"She's dead, Harry! It's all my fault! I'm so stupid!" I continue to cry.

That night I never slept. I just started blankly at the white walls on my ceiling.

It's all my fault. All my fault! I should have just shut up. She's just scared! She's scared of losing everything. She's scared she'll lose Carly and Ash, and everything she loves.

I wouldn't eat that morning. I just stayed in my room. Just when I think of her innocent face smiling at me, I go ballistic.

I kick the dresser next to my bed and Kayren's book falls. I pick it up and flip through the pages. Kayren's smiling face is looking right back at me in every one.

Why didn't I just hug her, and tell 

her to stay. She's my Princess; I love her more than anything in the world. I never told her I loved her before she left...

I wouldn't eat for a while. I just stayed alone. Kayren had made everything better and she isn't here and it's all my fault she's not.

"Niall, you have to eat some time," Harry says, leaning against the frame of the door. "Don't you remember what you told Kayren? This is our chance to start over. Forget our past and-"

"Start living in the future, I finish for him. "Yeah, I know."

"Think about it, Niall," With that, Harry walks out of my room.

Maybe if I could see Kayren, just one more time, I'd be okay?

I get off my bed and race to the front door, making sure I grab my keys. I hop into the car and race to the hospital.

"Excuse me?" I say to the lady at the desk. "I need to find Kayren Trence."

"She's in room-" the lady looks up at me. "O.M.G! You're Niall Horan!"

"Niall Horan!" Screams another girl sitting on a chair in the waiting room.

"No!" I yell. The room fills with girls screaming as people come bursting through doors and grabbing onto me.

"No! Stop! Please!" The sounds suddenly stop. "Please!? I just need to find Kayren!"

"Let him go!" Harry comes bursting through the doors. Everyone lets go of me and I run away to find Kayren's room.

You're Just Angry - A Hospital Kayren's POV

I saw it. I saw the light. The light everyone always tells you, "Don't look into the light," but I did. I was dead, and there was nothing I could do.

Before I looked into the light I saw her. Mom. She looked right at me and frowned. I wanted to yell to her. Tell her I was alright and I loved her. I never got to tell her before she died... 

But I couldn't speak.

Then I heard a continuous beeping noise. I didn't know where I was or what the noise was. I was alone...

Then I hear it, Niall's voice. I wasn't sure what he had said, but I know I heard it. A voice I would never forget.

"He loves you, you know," a voice tells me. "You gotta pull through, Kayren. Come back for him. He really loves you."

I look to see my mom, talking to me. So I really am dead?

"Mom? Is it really you?"

"Kayren, don't worry about me. Niall is waiting for you,"

"How do I get to him?" I ask.

"Sing," she says softly.

"What should I sing, Mom?"

"Do you remember what I used to sing to you and Carly?" She asks. "When your dad and I were fighting."

I feel like crying, but something wasn't letting me. I just nod.

"Sing that,"

"Before I leave again, I just wanna tell you that I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, Kayren." And with that, she disappeared into the white, blank, walls.

"S.O.S. Please. Someone help me. It's not healthy, for me to feel this. Y.O.U. Are. Makin' this hard. I can't help but see it don't feel. This. Time. Please. Someone come and rescue me." I sing slowly, only hoping it would work.

You're Just Angry - Niall's POV

I hear it! I hear her voice! And her breathing! The beeping!

"She's alive!" I chant over and over over again, running through the halls like a mad man.

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