You're Phenominiall

For the first time since Niall met the boys, he's sad. He wants to find his Princess. Niall has gone into a state of depression. He refuses to sing or do anything, until he finds his Princess. But now, it's up to Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam, to find her. But will they find her before they have to go on tour, and it's too late? Niall decides to discuss it with his friend on a chat site. She tells him to just wait for the right girl. Little did she know it was her. But what four of them don't know yet, is that she is right in front of them. All they have to do, is bring her out.

When Kayren Trence's mother doesn't come home one day after work, Kayren, her little brother, Ash, and sister, Carly, go on the plane to their new house in London. Harry hacks into Niall's chat account and tell Kayren he'll have a friend pick her up. There she figures out that JustANando's Guy was Niall Horan. But now there are so many questions.

Will Kayren find her mom?

Will Carly figure out?

Will Niall


16. Chapter 16 - You're Dead?

Chapter 16 - You're Dead? - London; home - Summer - Kayren's POV

The first thing we hear when we open the door and flip on the lights is Zayn's annoyed voice saying, "Where the heck have you been!?"

"We got Harry!" Niall grunts as he drags Harry through the open door.

"So you left me here with her," he gestures to Carly with his elbow, "and... Him?!" He holds a sleeping Ash up. The exasperated tone in his voice lets me know he is really annoyed.

"We would have woke you, mate. We just forgot." Liam says quietly.

Zayn sighs and puts Ash in my hands.

"I'm going to bed," he says and he walks down the hallway.

Carly stands up off the floor and crosses her arms. She sticks out her tongue in Zayn's direction. "I have a name," she pouts.

"Well, I'm going to bed, everyone." I announce and make my way to 'my room.' I put Ash into his crib, cover him with his blanket, then. I lay down in bed.

I wake up in the morning to something wet on my face. I open my eyes to see nothing but a big ball of fluff. Where'd the light go?

I sit up in my bed and the thing on my face yelps. Something lands on my legs. I look down to see a tan and white dog on my lap. It looks at me and whimpers.

"Surprise!" Niall's voice announces. It's takes a minuet for me to realize that it was my birthday. How could I forget?!

"You got me a ball of fluff for my birthday?" I ask.

Niall rolls his eyes and smiles. "It's a Pomeranian," he says and lifts the tan thing off me. "So what are you gonna name him?"

"I don't know," I reply. "He fluffy and puffy, so... Puffet, I guess. That's it. His name is Puffet."

"Alright. He's your dog." Niall says with a shrug, followed by a discussed look. "I think Puffet decided he needed to pee."

I giggle and take the dog from his hands. "Serves you right." I say.

"Hey- I bought the dog!" Niall says.

"I know. But you made fun of his name," I point out, "not me."

Niall sighs, "Anyway, the boys and us have a surprise for you."

"You don't ha-"

"We insist," Niall says, followed by a cheeky smile. "Just let me change my shirt first." He disappears to his room and comes back with a new red T-Shirt. He takes Puffet and sets him on the ground before taking my hand and leading me to the kitchen.

"Surprise!" Everyone yells when I walk into the kitchen. Everything was decorated with streamers and banners and everyone is wearing yellow, polka dotted, party hats.

"Happy Birthday, Kayren!"

"You got my gift, now all the boys have something they'd like to give you." Niall says.

Liam grabs a purple wrapped, square shaped, box from the counter and walks towards me.

"This is from me," he says, handing me the box. I tear the wrapping paper gently, so I can save the paper and remember this day with the boys. Inside the box are some beautiful new clothes, including a dress on the top.

"Thanks, Liam. You guys don't have to do all this for me." I tell them.

Harry grabs a box without speaking and walks towards me and places a hand on my shoulder.

"You're our best mates princess and sorta like out sister now, so... Yeah." I smiles and hands me a box wrapped messily in green. I tear the paper gently and inside is a blue IPhone.

Sheepishly, I say, "Thanks, Harry. There is nothing wrong with my phone though. You guys are seriously too kind. I'm gonna owe you all until I die." I fish my phone from my pocket to prove it was just fine, but as if by force the battery falls from the back and I laugh a little.

Harry shoots me a 'really?' look and I get sympathetic looks from the boys. I sigh in defeat as Louis brings me a gift wrapped in red. Inside is a yellow and blue radio.

"Thanks, Louis." I say. Louis nods.

Zayn picks up a box wrapped in blue and makes his way towards me. Inside the box is some dog things. Like a harness and leash and some food.

"This is from all of us," Niall hands me a box wrapped in rainbow colors. Inside is a photo album. I lift it carefully from it's box a look at the cover. Yellow with 'Kayren' written on the front.

On the first page is a picture of Carly and Louis on it. Both smiling outside by the tree in the front yard.

The second picture is Niall and I at Niall's 'special place.' A picture the boys probably took will we weren't looking. This was our first kiss. I still vividly remember that day.

The third picture is a picture of my mom and I. I have one arm around her and we are both smiling. How did the boys get this picture? I can feel myself start tearing up.

The fourth picture is Niall and I on my balcony. The night I realized everything could change. The night those girls kidnapped us.

The fifth is of Niall and I asleep on the couch holding hands. That was the night out hands got glued together. I still remember that night too.

The sixth picture is all of the boys, Ash and Carly. The word 'family' is scrawled in blue ink at the top.

I start to feel the tears roll down my cheeks as I think of the word 'family.' I knew what it meant now. To you it might mean people you live with. But to me it meant a lot more. To me it means people who are always there for me. People who have my back at all times and always back me up. People who save me from harm. People who know how to get out of a "sticky situation." People who can get out of a kidnapping.

"I love you guys," I say as I wrap them all in a group hug.

I wipe the tears from my eyes when I pull away.

"Now lets eat cake!" I announce.

After everyone gets a slice of cake we open the door to go outside. Puffet goes flying out the door and runs down the road. I practically drop my cake and I run after him. Yelling to everyone that he got out.

I run until I can't anymore. I look ahead to see nothing but the road. He vanished out of sight. I sit down on the ground.

"We'll find him," Niall says from behind me.

I take a bite of the cake still on the plate in my hand, "What if we don't?"

I left him speechless. He says nothing. I stand up and walk towards him. "Do you wanna help me find him?"

"Don't you wanna eat first?" Niall smiles cheekily and puts a hand at the back of his neck.

"We can eat while we're looking," I reply.

"Alright," he agrees.

I take his hand with my free one and we head in the direction Puffet took off in.

We get home at 3:00 AM. We still didn't find him.

"This is all my fault," I bury my head in my hands. "I opened the door and he got out!"

"It's not your fault. We'll find him sooner or later."

"I had a dog and he got loose. Never saw him again. Why is this happening again."

"Kayren, we'll find him. Don't worry."

"What if we don't?" I left him speechless again.

"We will!" Niall declares.

"What if we don't!?" I shout. "What if he's hurt?"

"Why do you always expect the worse?" Niall asks.

"My mom died, Ash almost died, my dads a freaking psychopath! Everything is bad!"

"Including me?" Niall gives me a sad look. Ouch! That hurts.

"No you're-"

"No, Kayren. I get it. I am bad. I'm horrible. I'm a monster. But you're good. We still have a whole life to live!"

"You're not bad, Niall." I insist.

"What am I then?" Niall demands. "Am I just a person to you? I opened up to you! You're my Princess!"

"Niall, I'm-"

"I have feelings too, you know. Just because you had problems in your past doesn't mean you have to bring them back. You keep replying your whole life, Kayren! When are you gonna start living now? Just cause you couldn't find your dog back then, doesn't mean we can't find Puffet now."

"Niall, I'm sorry." I reply quietly.

"You're always sorry. You're just so... Ignorant!"

That crosses the line. I stand up and stomp out the door. As soon as I slam the door shut I let the tears spill. I'm not ignorant. He doesn't get it.

I run across the road only to see blinding headlights."




* * *



You're Dead? - Home - Summer - Niall's POV

I don't run after her. I feel like I'm glued to ground.

"What have I done?" I ask myself. "I'm so stupid. Ignorant? Niall! What have you done?!"

I just lost the best thing that ever happened to me... Again. I gotta find Puffet.

I open the front door and hear barking. I look down to see Puffet sitting on the doormat. I pick him up and put him inside. He must have come back. But where's Kayren gone to?

I step outside.

"Kayren!" I call. "Kayren!"

I go back inside hours later to find the boys standing there waiting for me.

"Niall, what did you do?" Harry asks.

"I may have just lost the best thing in my life." I reply blankly.

Harry shakes his head and opens his mouth to speak, but instead the phone rings.

"Hello? Is this Niall Horan?" The person in the other line asks.

"Yeah. That's me," I reply.

"Kayren Trence was hit by a car and has passed."

I drop the phone. Kayren is dead? 


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