You're Phenominiall

For the first time since Niall met the boys, he's sad. He wants to find his Princess. Niall has gone into a state of depression. He refuses to sing or do anything, until he finds his Princess. But now, it's up to Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam, to find her. But will they find her before they have to go on tour, and it's too late? Niall decides to discuss it with his friend on a chat site. She tells him to just wait for the right girl. Little did she know it was her. But what four of them don't know yet, is that she is right in front of them. All they have to do, is bring her out.

When Kayren Trence's mother doesn't come home one day after work, Kayren, her little brother, Ash, and sister, Carly, go on the plane to their new house in London. Harry hacks into Niall's chat account and tell Kayren he'll have a friend pick her up. There she figures out that JustANando's Guy was Niall Horan. But now there are so many questions.

Will Kayren find her mom?

Will Carly figure out?

Will Niall


14. Chapter 14 - You're In Time-Out

Chapter 13 - You're Missing - London - Kayren's POV - Summer

"Why won't you go out to dinner with me?" Niall asks for the 5th as we sit on the couch the next morning.

"I already told you," I state. "I don't want anymore publicity. You saw how viral the video of you running into plastic wrap was! You should see my Twitter page. It's not like I don't want to, I can't!"

"What are you good at?" Niall asks while sighing.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"I mean, like, what sports are you good at?"

"I'm kinda good at basketball," I admit.

"Okay then," he says, a smirk planted on his lips. "Let's make a wager," he takes my hand and leads me out the front door. "If I make a basket, you have to go to dinner with me."

"But what if I make a basket?" I ask.

"Then, what do you want to do?" He asks.

I think for a moment. What would I want? Their tour is tomorrow...

"I want to go on tour with you," I say.

"Really?" Niall asks as he raises an eyebrow as he opens the car door.

"Yeah," I reply. "I've always wondered what it's like."

Niall laughs uneasily, as though he doesn't think it's a good idea. It's kind of offensive, actually. He probably doesn't think I'll be able to make it through the mobs and screaming fans and what-not, but I can handle it. It's not like I'm seven.

"Alright," Niall says as he gets in the car and closes the door. I open the other car door and get in the seat next him.

"Wait a minuet! What about Carly and Ash?"

I hadn't thought about them. What am I planning to do with them? Babysitter?

"Simon Cowell likes babies? Right?" I ask and close the car door.

"I don't know Kayren. That wouldn't be a very good idea." Niall says.

I scratch at the seat of the car. What am I going to do with them? They could stay at Uncle Rays and Aunt Sasha's house, but it's too far away. But their tour may go through Glasgow and I can drop then off there.

"Does your tour go through Glasgow?" I ask.

"Yeah, why?"

"Then it's settled. We'll drop Carly and Ash off at my Aunt and Uncle's house when we go through there." I say confidently.

"How are we gonna get them back?" He asks.

Why does he always have a negative reason for everything?

"We'll get them when we come back." I state.

"Fine, but when you don't like being on tour, you can come crying to me." He says.

"But I thought the expression was, 'if you don't like it, don't come crying to me.'" I say.

"Yeah, but you're my Princess; you're supposed to come crying to me." Niall says as he starts the car.

"But- okay, now I'm confused." I grimace.

"Just forget it," he says, smiling, as if he was supposed to confuse me.

Was he supposed to confuse me, I think as we drive out if the driveway.

I don't really know exactly where it is that we are driving to, but I just enjoy the ride. I love riding in cars. Just the hum of the engine calms me. It reminds me of my mom. When I was little, she used to hum me to sleep. That's why I've always loved car rides.

My phone beeps and I dig it out of my pocket. The words on the screen surprise me. They say, where in the name of carrots are you?

It doesn't take a genius to know that it is from Louis. I mean seriously? Who else would use the word 'carrot' in a sentence like that? I run my fingers over the keypad. What was I suppose to say, 'In a car on our way to God knows where?'

I decide not to answer him. I'm not sure where it is exactly that I'm going anyway. I mean, if he was so demanding like that and all in your personal business, would you?

Finally we arrive at our destination. It's a park with a basketball court and a playground. Even though I hadn't played basketball in such a long time, my arms and hands long to shot a basket. I step out of the car and so does Niall. He takes off and I step into the basketball court. The baskets are torn and the paint on the concert has partially faded, but you could still play a decent game of basketball. Niall comes back with a basketball in his hands and walks onto the basketball court with me.

"Where'd you get the basketball?" I ask.

"These girls gave it to me in exchange for an autograph," Niall replies. "The first person to 10 wins and you can play defense."

He steps on the court and starts dribbling the basketball. I step in front of him, ready to play defense. He smirks.

"3, 2, 1, start!" Niall shouts as he takes off towards the basket from the right side. I do my best to follow him.

He shoots and thankfully misses. I jump up to catch the basketball as it rolls off the basket, but Niall pulls me down and catches it instead.

"Niall!" I complain. "That's not fair! You cheated!"

"All is fair in love and war." He states and winks as he dribbles the basketball back to half-court.

He's so confusing! One minuet he's this sad confused little kid and the next he's as serious as a doctor, other times he's as flirtatious as Harry. Okay, so that's an overstatement. But I'm sure you get my point.

I follow him and get back in my defensive stance. He takes off towards the basket again. This time from the left. Wait! So what hand does he use? This is going to be a very long basketball game if I keep doing this!

I continue to follow him to the basket and attempt to block his shot as he shoots but due to my average height, only my fingertips reach the basketball and he makes the shot.

"Niall 2, Kayren 0," He says.

"I'm trying," I mutter.

I dribble the basketball up to the half-court line an start to dribble down the court. When in get to the free throw line, I switch hands and run the rest of the way to the basket. It seems to throw Niall off. I get in front of him and I'm able to make a basket.

"Niall 2, Kayren 2," I say.

It goes on like this for a while until we get 8 to 8. Niall has the basketball and the next person to make a basket will win. It's very nerve racking really. I really want to go on tour with the boys and Niall really wants to go to dinner with me.

Niall stars to dribble down the court on the left side. He stops at the free throw line and shoots. I follow his shot to the basket. It rolls around on the rim of the basket. Just as I thought it was going to roll out, it slips through the net and comes crashing down to the concert.

Niall jumps up and does a weird little victory dance before grabbing the basketball off the ground where I left it. I was really looking forward to going on tour with them. I sulk off towards the car. Sad that I don't get to go on tour with them.

"Hey, Kayren, I'll video chat you while I'm on tour, if you want. It only lasts for a month. I'll video chat you everyday I promise." Niall says.

"That'd be cool," I say. "When are we going on that date?"

"After tour, or today, if you want." Niall says.

"Let's go today," I smile and he smiles back.

Niall and I arrive at the restaurant and take a seat at a table after signing in. It's a really fancy restaurant. Complete with real background music. I've never been to a restaurant as fancy and this one.

We have small conversation and even laugh a few times at the stupid mistakes we made while playing basket. It only gets weird when girls start showing up and fan-girling on Niall and his "Princess." I really wonder how they got in there. But things start to get really annoying when the poparatsi shows up and they start snapping pictures.

We end up having to leave he restaurant and go home. We even go out of our way and drive back to the park and then drive home.

"I told you this would happen." I tell Niall as we walk inside the house. By now it's dark and all the boys are in bed.

Niall walks into his room and I walk to mine and find Carly asleep on the bed and Liam asleep on the chair, Ash in his hands. I take Ash carefully from his hands to see and look for the pallet on the floor. When I don't find it I take notice of the brand new crib in the corner of the room.

If the boys keep buying us stuff I'm going owe them till my death, I think as I lay Ash down on the crib and cover him with his favorite blanket (which was laying over the side of the crib) and I try to wake Liam up.

I poke him on the stomach. "Liam, wake up."

I shake him gently and he opens his eyes.

"Go to bed," I say.

He nods and walks sleepily out of the room. I lay down on the bed with Carly and slowly drift to sleep.






* * *









Chapter 13 - Missing - A month later during the tour ride home - Harry's POV

I had helped Niall get his Princess back. That made me happy. Although, the things he said may have hurt, it could never have hurt more than knowing your best friend is down. If Kayren made him happy, then I would do anything to protect her and her family. She means the world to Niall but I can't stop thinking about what he said to me. Have I really never loved?

It's not hard to believe really. I'm with a different girl all the time, but, I've had to have loved someone. Right? And what was he talking about when he said everybody loves me and I didn't have to worry about being loved? He didn't either. He's part of the hottest boy band since the Beetles for God's sake! Out of all of us, he's definitely most unique.

He's the only one with blonde hair and from Ireland and doesn't have a tattoo. He's got unique written all over him! (A/N: Awesome points if you get it) Okay, so, bad time to use that metaphor, but you get the point. In my opinion, everyone should love Niall.

Over the next few days, the boys and I do our concerts and Niall video chats Kayren everyday. But something caught my attention on the TV yesterday. It was Niall and Kayren at a restaurant and the poparatsi are still going on with Kayren being Niall's Princess.

Finally the end of the tour comes and the boys and I get on the airport to go home. While they're all looking at the souvenirs shop, I take off outside to get some fresh air. I'm stopped by familiar looking people.

"You're coming with us," one says.

Next thing I know, my vision starts to blur and I collapse to the ground.






* * *









Chapter 13 - Outsiders POV - Back in London

Kayren plops down on the couch next to Niall as places a kiss on his cheek.

"I missed you," she says.

"I missed you too." Niall says as he returns the kiss on the cheek by kissing her gently on the lips then flipping the TV on. (A\N: Kiall Moment!)

"Where's Harry?" Louis asks.

"Didn't he come with you guys?" Kayren asks.

"I thought so," Louis says.

"Do to think he might have stayed at the airport?" Kayren asks.

"Maybe. I don't think he would have." Liam says.

"I need my Hazza!" Louis cries.

"Are they normally like this?" Kayren asks Niall.

"Only when they're apart," Niall says.

"Remind you of anyone?" Zayn joins their conversation and takes a seat next to Niall.

"Maybe," Niall glares at him.

Kayren's phone beeps and she sees that Harry has posted something on Twitter. Kayren reads it out loud.

Harry_Styles: you all know I was born in doncaster? right? i'm there right now. kayren, niall, How arE you guys doing on this Lovely day? i'm kinda Peachy. My foot hurts rEally bad. PLEASE take care!!!

"That's weird," Louis says. "He always capitalizes the beginning of a sentence."

"Yeah and the- wait a minuet!" Liam says. "It's a message! Don't you see it?"

Kayren turns her head side to side. "No."

"It says, 'you all know I was born in Doncaster. Right? That's where I am right now.' That's wrong Harry was born in Holmes Chapel. 'I'm there right now. Niall, Kayren, how are you on this lovely day?' He capitalized the H, E and L. 'Im kinda peachy.' He capitalized the P. 'my foot hurts really bad. Please, take care' he capitalized the M and E and all of please." Liam explains.

"So you're trying to tell us that Harry is in Doncaster, doesn't know where he was born, and has a problem with his capitalization?" Louis asks. "Jerk!"

Liam sighs. "I'm telling you that he's been kidnapped and is in Doncaster and he wants us to 'HELP HIM PLEASE.'" Liam says.

"Oh," Louis says. "So what are we waiting for? Lets go help him!".

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