You're Phenominiall

For the first time since Niall met the boys, he's sad. He wants to find his Princess. Niall has gone into a state of depression. He refuses to sing or do anything, until he finds his Princess. But now, it's up to Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam, to find her. But will they find her before they have to go on tour, and it's too late? Niall decides to discuss it with his friend on a chat site. She tells him to just wait for the right girl. Little did she know it was her. But what four of them don't know yet, is that she is right in front of them. All they have to do, is bring her out.

When Kayren Trence's mother doesn't come home one day after work, Kayren, her little brother, Ash, and sister, Carly, go on the plane to their new house in London. Harry hacks into Niall's chat account and tell Kayren he'll have a friend pick her up. There she figures out that JustANando's Guy was Niall Horan. But now there are so many questions.

Will Kayren find her mom?

Will Carly figure out?

Will Niall


12. Chapter 12 - You're Gonna Be Okay

Chapter 12 - You're Gonna Be Okay - London - Niall's POV - Summer

I stare up at the ceiling. There's always that sentimental feeling of sadness that washes over me. Now it was a lot worse. I had already found my Princess but I lost her. I let her slip away from my finger tips. When she walked out that door two days ago, my world came crashing down and stopped spinning. She was my everything, and I lost it. So I decide to write her a note.

Dear Kayren,

Everything is going to be okay. Just try and stay happy. I know you think the world is going to end because we are apart, but it's not. I know it's hard with all this going on, but stay strong for Carly and Ash. They need you. I'll rescue you from the dragon once again and I'll come back no matter what it takes. The world won't end Kayren, it will just stop spinning for a bit. Just remember that I love you Kayren, and family sticks together. No matter what.



I fold the note up and place it under my pillow and I grab the picture I drew of Kayren from my drawer and put it on my desk as I grab a pencil. I start to draw a crown at the top of Kayren's head. Its a simple childish looking one. But I draw little jewels on the side and made a puzzle piece right on the front of it. Then I draw me. I put another crown on top of my head. The kind of crown you'd see on a prince. Then I hung them up on my wall. Now I stare at it and it doesn't seem so sad anymore. Less boring. At least in my picture, Kayren was smiling.

The word smile seemed so far away now. It was something I hadn't done in a while before I met Kayren. I walk into the bathroom and stare at my reflection and try to smile. My smile looks more forced now. It was never forced when Kayren was around. I always wanted to smile when I was around her.

My forced smile fades when I see Harry in the reflection behind me. I hadn't said a thing to any of the boys since Kayren left two days ago. In fact the first day that she wasn't there I didn't do much of anything at all. I had just sat in my room staring at the ceiling, thinking about how much I missed her. Even though I knew she missed me just as much. I had to stop thinking about Kayren. I told her not to think about me when I was just thinking about her.

"Are you alright?" Harry asks.

I forgot he was there. I wonder how long he had been standing there and how long I had been thinking.

"I'm fine," I lie.

"You call this," he gestures to my forced smile and dirty clothes, "fine?"

"Yes," I lie again.

"Come on Niall," he pleas. "Change your clothes, take a shower, sing a song, eat Nando's, do something!"

"I do want to!" I snap. "I waited and waited for my Princess to come along and then I let her slip away! You don't get it Harry! You've never loved! You've never had something you love and care about taken away from you! You just don't get it! Everybody loves you Harry. You don't ever have to worry about being loved. This is the one time that I ever loved someone and they loved me back."

Harry stares back at me with bewilderment with his mouth wide open. His eyes tell me everything I need to know. What was I saying?

"Harry I'm-"

"No. I get it. I'll just go." he walks sadly out of the bathroom.

This one little thing is tearing us apart. And its all my fault. What am I doing? I'm becoming a monster. What have I done? As much as I love Kayren, I didn't want us being apart to ruin my friendship with Harry and the boys. He probably thinks a total jerk. I need to find Kayren and fast. Before I damage my puzzle any further.

The month of June ends and we go into July and I still hadn't done anything and time was ticking. I couldn't stop thinking about what I said to Harry. None of the boys had talked to me since then. They left earlier this morning without me. They didn't leave a note or anything. I don't blame them for leaving either. If I were them, I'd need a break from me too. With all the drama, I've become a monster. None of this makes any sense anymore. The boys always talk to me.

I reach under my pillow and look for the note. When I don't find it, I lift the pillow up and still I see nothing. I get down on the floor on my hands and knees and look under the bed. No note. I hope one of the boys didn't find it and throw it away, I think as I sit down on my bed. Something tells me they did though.

I get off my bed and walk into the kitchen. I'd been doing a lot better the last couple days. I'd been eating more and singing snippets of our songs. Time is running out. I don't have long until the tour comes. I don't think I can do it. I can't rescue Kayren. Not like this. She's so perfect in my eyes... and I'm just a monster. I'm no Prince. I let her go with her dad by herself and she got hurt. I yelled at Harry when he just wanted to help. I let her go...

I grab some food from the fridge and sit down on the couch. I realize I'm sitting on something. I stand up and look on the couch to see Ash's bottle laying there. I pick it up and a memory flashes through my mind. Back to when I first met her.

"Do you mind holding Ash for a second?" Kayren asked me. "He's probably hungry."

"Not at all." I told her.

She sat him down in my lap and walked to the spare room.

I looked down at Ash. He looked just like Kayren. He had light blond hair, and blue eyes. He looked at me. When I looked at him, I saw Kayren.

Kayren walked back into the living room with a diaper bag. From it she produced a bottle and baby formula. She walked into the kitchen and made some milk for Ash. She came into the living room and handed Ash his bottle.

That bottle was the same bottle I now held in my hands. I really need to find Kayren...






* * *






Chapter 12 - Kayren's POV - Glasgow, UK

It's hard not to think about the person you love. He hasn't called or said anything since I left. My aunt Sasha hasn't been very helpful either. She reminds me of Mom and Mom reminds me of Niall. Carly still doesn't know. She has asked Aunt Sasha, but I told her not to tell. Carly makes it hard on me too. She reminds me every little bit of Louis. Ash reminds me of Liam because Liam always used to take care of him. I never realized how much I needed Niall and the rest of the boys.

I've never loved before. It's all new to me. Love is a concept I haven't learned. It's just something I've lost and need desperately to find.

"What do you want for dinner Kayren?" Aunt Sasha calls from the kitchen.

"Um... spaghetti sounds nice!" I call back.


"I said-" I'm interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

"I'll get it!" I shout as I race downstairs.

I open the door and the first thing I see is Harry's curly hair. They came back?

"Harry?" I say.

"Niall wanted you to have this," he says as he hands me a note. "He really misses you and we all want you to come back.

"I miss you all too," I say as I wrap them all in a group hug.

"So what do you say? Will you come back?" Harry asks.

I thought for a moment. Should I? Can I?

"You can if you want to Sweetie," came my aunt's voice. "They seem like good kids and they took care of you for a while."

I read the note Niall sent and immediately say 'yes.'

"But if family sticks together than I can't leave Carly and Ash."

"Who said anything about leaving them?" Liam says. "Oh Carly!"

Carly comes running into the room. Her eyes widen when she sees the boys.

"Louis!" She shouts and jumps into his arms.

"I missed you so much Boo-Boo." Louis says. I laugh at his weird nickname for Carly.

Soon I'm aboard the plane and on my way back to Niall with Ash in my hands. As soon as I walk through the door I hand Ash to Liam and run into Niall's room. He sees me and I wrap him in a hug.

"It didn't stop!" I shout.

"What didn't?" He asks.

"My world! It didn't stop! It was alway revolving around you!" I hug him even tighter.

"I missed you so much," He whispers. "How did you get here?"

"Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis." I say.

"Wait. So you got my letter?" Niall asks.

"Yeah. Harry gave it to me." I tell him.

"That's good," he says as he smiles.


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