My Life is in your hands

Jayden starts going through depression after her dad died.


1. My Boyfriend

-Jayden's POV- Go ahead, Say 'Loser! your Emo' But I won't back down just because of you. I'm Jayden Harvord, 19 year old, I lost my dad a few years ago, I'm still going through depression, The only person who can make me smile is Niall Horan, My boyfriend, Yes I am dating the world-wide boy band member Niall, He saw past my appearance. "Jayden!" I heard my mom yell, I walked downstairs "Ugh I can't even look at you" My older sister Winter said "then why don't you move idiot" I growled "your boyfriend's here" My mom said , I walked up to the door and opened it, He walked in "Hi Niall" My sister said sweetly and pulled him away from me "why are you with her? She's ugly" She said, He walked back to me "Go to hell" I growled and walked up after him, "Bi*ch!" I heard her yell, I don't talk much, I just listen "what was that?" He asked "She loves you guys so much she just wants to date one of you" I said harshly "whoa calm down babe" he said "Sorry, I just hate her so much" I said sitting down on my bed "Don't let what she says get to you" He said playing with a strand of my hair "Niall, Dodo bird! you have visitors!" I heard her yell, I walked down to see my sister trying to touch Harry's hair, I looked at her with a confused face "what? it's not like you wouldn't try to do this" she stopped and hissed, I just looked around and walked up the stairs They did follow me, If you're wondering why I'm not talking is because I don't talk very much and that's why I only looked around, I hate Winter, Just like I hate bullies. I am Jayden Harvord and I don't care about your opinion.Once everyone left I decided to go to sleep.

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