My Life is in your hands

Jayden starts going through depression after her dad died.


3. My best friend

-Jayden's POV- I got woken up by my best friend on a Saturday, My sister probably let her in, Chaselynn Rogers, my 16 year old best friend, she had long black hair kinda like me but longer "Hey chase" I said getting out of bed "So jay Where are we going tonight?" She asked happily "I can't go anywhere, Waiting for my mom to take me to Niall's" I said walking into the bathroom "Oh" she said handing me my clothes, I walked into the bathroom and got dressed when I walked out she was gone "Chase? Chaselynn?" I asked looking around "She left" I heard someone say from behind me "Ready?" "Yeah, let's go" I said, My mom hopped into the car while I got my shoes on, then I hopped into the car -After the car ride- "Hey Niall" I said hugging him, He twirled me around and then put me down "Hey" He said smiling, We both walked up to his room "So are the guys coming over?" I asked smiling "Yes" He said then started tickling me "Okay....NIALL.....STOP!" I screamed in between gasps, He stopped and I was smiling "I love seeing you smile" He said, I blushed a little and then he tackled me, We both started laughing then he kissed me, The guys walked in "Hey" I said smiling a little "Haven't seen you smile in a long time Jay" Liam said "Well I might smile  more now" I said sitting up then my phone rang "Hello" i answered "Jay, Were are you?" I heard Chaselynn ask "Niall's house why?" I asked "I think Winter passed out and now she's in the hospital" I heard her say, I hung up "Niall drive me to the hospital NOW!" I screamed running out of the door -At the Hospital- "We got here as soon as we could" I said running over to Chase and  giving her a hug "What happened with Winter?" I asked "Well, I don't know why she did it but she was cutting and she cut to deep" Chase said "What room is Winter Harvord in?" I asked a nurse "Room 456" She said, I ran off, Finally I found her room, I walked in very slowly "Winter?" I asked "She's still sleeping" I heard my mom say "Oh, Call me if she wakes up" I said, My other Best Friend was here too Scarlet Moore, 19 Such a pretty girl! with Brown hair and blonde high lights, I've known Scarlet since kindergarten "Jayden! I'm so sorry" She whispered/Yelled while hugging me "She doesn't deserve this" Chaselynn said "It was a mistake, I know it" I said pacing around "Jayden!" Scarlet screamed pointing, I turned around and ran up to my mom, she was crying "What happened, is she going to be okay? Please don't tell me that she died like dad" I said "Sh-she's gone" My mom whispered, I almost collapsed "It can't be, She has to live" I said while tears rolled down my cheeks, I walked back to Chaselynn and Scarlet "Oh no" Scarlett said before I told them, We got home after I told them, I walked into Winter's room and collapsed and started crying, I never wanted to lose her, She always made my life better -Flashback- I was five "Mommy! Jayden isn't letting go!" Winter screamed -Reality- Even at the thought of it made the tears pour out, I slammed my fist against her wall "Please tell me she's still alive, I don't want to lose her" I whispered to myself, I walked downstairs without fixing my make-up "Jayden where are you going!?" Scarlet screamed/asked "I'm going to my sister and dad" I said and walked out onto the balcony "Jay! think about Niall and me even Chase, your mom and Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis, don't do this" She said "She didn't deserve it! nether did my dad and i shouldn't have to live without them" I whispered/yelled, I was standing on the railing about to let myself fall when Scarlet screamed and started crying, I looked back and closed my eyes, let myself go and I fell "Jayden open your eyes, please" I heard someone say beside me, I opened my eyes and found myself on the couch, Great I got a serious headache, almost killed myself and lost my sister, What a great day! gotta love sarcasm "Was it all a dream? Is Winter still on earth?" I asked looking up  at the ceiling "No, Winter is gone" I heard Scarlet and Chaselynn say "I wish this never happened! I don't want to lose my mom too" I said "Too late, She jumped after you and she got killed" Chase whispered "UGH! just let me die! i want to be with my family!" I yelled but they had already took my stuff and moved it into Niall's house, Guess that''s where i live now.

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