My Life is in your hands

Jayden starts going through depression after her dad died.


2. Meet the Enemy

-Dakota's POV- The bell rang as I ran out, I got to my locker "Hey Emo kid, You don''t deserve  a boyfriend!" some kid yelled to me "but at least I have one" I said, I walked home "Winter Shut your mouth before i hurt you" I said and walked to my room "Hey" a wild Niall appears in my window "What are you doing!?" I yelled smiling "trying to get in without your sister seeing me" He said, I laughed and helped him up "What about us!?" I heard someone yell from my door "guys you don't have to climb my window just to get in" I said "what other way are we supposed to get in without Winter seeing us?" Zayn asked "the back door" I said laughing, Then it was absolutely quiet, we all went on our phones "Hey guys!" Winter said walking in "winter can you please leave" I asked trying not to sound like a bi*ch, She was hugging Zayn's arm "no" She said "WINTER GO AWAY!" I yelled pushing her out, I locked my door after that "she's obsessed" I said going back to my business, All the guys left but Niall, He snuggled up to me and we fell asleep "DAKOTA! DAKOTA!" Niall was yelling "it's time to go to school" he said "no not school!" I said stuffing my face into the pillow, I got dressed and ran out the door -After school- The boys and I met up outside in the back of the school "okay we have to yell at Winter for bullying me so my mom can hear it" I said, we all ran back to my house and yelled at her all at once she started crying "Dakota!" My mom yelled hugging her, I just frowned and showed her all the marks she left on my arms from hitting me "I can't believe you Winter" She yelled at her, I was sitting down on the couch with the guys next to me "Mom she wasn't letting me hang out with them!" she yelled "your 20 Winter and did you ever think they wanted some time on their own and What if you ruined her life, you hate the way she looks, but on the inside Dakota loves you with all her heart" My mom said "I didn't know.. I'm sorry Dakota" she said facing me "I don't care anymore Winter, you hurt me, I will never forgive you for that and you knew why I changed" I said and walked away, We all sat down in the backyard "so why did you change?" Liam asked "Well my Dad died a few years ago and he was my best friend and I started going through depression, I changed my style for my dad, He always wanted Winter or Me to have this kind of hair and this type of style" I explained, We decided to go see Winter "Dakota, Why do you still think about him?" She asked "HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND! MY ONLY FRIEND!" I yelled and ran up to my room, I fell onto my bed and burst into tears, I can't take it anymore! I want him back, Niall comforted me "it's okay babe, you got me I'm here" He said, I looked up at him and smiled, He pulled me into a warm passionate kiss, I walked downstairs after I cleaned up, Winter was crying too, All the guys left to give us some privacy "Winter If you promise you won't-" She cut me off "I know Dakota and I'm so sorry I didn't mean it, I know you loved dad, I know you always looked up to me and I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you" She said still crying, she got me in tears too and we hugged, I started laughing "I still are my role model and your forgiven" I said fixing my make-up one more time, I walked back to the boys "We gotta go now Day but we'll see you later" Harry said walking after the boys, I got changed into my PJ's and watched a movie with my sister, I guess we made up but not completely "goodnight Winter" I said smiling "Night Dakota" She said and walking into her room, I walked into my room, turned off the light and crawled underneath the blanket and fell asleep.

A/N: so my fans Should I continue? Do you want a character? comment below if you want a character and if you do, tell me the characters name, age and if they are a fan or a  best friend, Thanks for reading.

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