My Life is in your hands

Jayden starts going through depression after her dad died.


4. Crying

-Jayden's POV- I walked out of the house and walked down to Scarlet's place, while i was walking i saw a lot of happy families, it was such a sad time for me, I started running with tears in eyes, everything was blurry as I was running, I knocked on her door "Jayden, come in" Scarlet's mum let me in "How could you walk out there without a jacket or hoodie!" Scarlet yelled "I ran" I said while giggling, It was fall now close to my birthday 20 here i come woo! "Gosh, I wish my life was a whole dream" I said letting the last tear drop "Why?" Scarlet asked getting us both coke "Well, I don't have a family, my boyfriend's on tour and then I'm turning 20" I said walking up to the window and looking out at a bunch of families having fun in the fall breeze "Oh boy, here comes Miss perfect" Scarlet mumbled "You mean oh girl" I laughed and sat down next to her "So about school, graduation is tomorrow-" I cut her off "I know what I'm wearing don't worry" I said and playfully hit her "Oh, Jayden what happened? Winter didn't feel like babysitting you?" Her sister, Charlotte said "She's dead" I mumbled underneath my breath "Excuse me what?" She asked looking at me confused "She Died!" I screamed "Oh, sorry" She said and walked away from us "i hate her" "don't hate her cuz' you know what can happen" I said "But little miss perfect won't cut" "You never know" I said before talking a sip of my coke "Movie night?" She asked with a smile on her face "Yeah!" I shouted, I wrapped the blanket around me and very slowly fell asleep "Jayden, Jayden!" I felt someone shake me "What?" I grumbled "Wake up! we have people over" She screamed "Go away Scar!" I said swatting my hand in front of me "C'mon!" She shook me even more "The Voice isn't on, so I don't have to wake up" I said and finally hit her arm "Jayden, get up, Niall is here" She whispered "Leave me alone!" I yelled and curled up in a ball "Jayden, Come on. Wake up" I heard Scarlet say "Scar just leave me alone, I-I don't want to get up" I said "Jayden really get up, I'm not gonna wait because Charlotte is coming right now" She tugged at my shirt "Graduation!" I yelled as I jumped up from the couch "We still have time" She warned me "Scar, Why did you lie about Niall being here?" I asked while getting my phone "I wanted you to get up" She laughed "Ouch, Jayden did you rummage through our garbage?" Charlotte asked, I stood up and walked up to her "Look kid, I'm turning 20 So I'm the boss of you, Get out of my face prick" She ran off, Scarlet was clapping "Thank you for getting her straight" I smiled ~At Graduation~ "Aha! look it's the emo kid! where's Winter?" The annoying popular girl asked ~After Graduation~ "Tell Winter that She should just kick you out" A kid said passing me, Tears formed "Winter should just kill you" Tears threatened to spill "Winter needs too come to my party" I let go, crying on my way back to Chaselynn's house. "I can't handle it anymore chase!" I let my tears drop onto the floor "You'll be okay Jay, Just stay strong" She put her hand on my shoulder "I can't, look" I said and moved the bracelets back "Jayden don't" She ran her fingers over the scarred skin "I can't help it, I want my family back" I cried harder in Chaselynn's arms "Go to your new place and get some rest okay, I'll talk to you tomorrow" She helped up and smiled at me "O-okay" I stuttered trying to get my breath back, I walked down the street to Niall's house "Jayden! I heard about your loss and I'm sorry" one of the popular girls said and ran away, I smiled and walked into the house "SURPRISE!" The boys yelled, I stumbled back and hit my head against the door frame "Whoops, Sorry babe" Niall helped me into the house "It's okay, I just need some sleep" I said drifting away into another world

A/N sorry it was short, Hope you liked it!

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