Starting Over

hey guys/girls i wrote this story for another site they liked it so i hope you do too

Naya Alvarez is a 17 year old teen moving to London for her fathers marriage with Kris Myers. She mysteriously meets her idols One Direction. She than finds herself falling in love with one of her idols
Who is her idol shes falling for?...


1. London

I was awaken by the sound of footsteps coming closer to my door. I covered my ears with my pillow trying to ignore the sound of the screeching from the floor. It didnt help by the way.

I herd knocking on my door. Then my dad screamong on the other side of the door

"NAYAA! Wake up were going to be late!"

I yelled at my dad to let him know i was already awake. I looked at the time and it was 6:00. We had to be there by 7:00.

I jumped out of bed,walked to the restroom to take a quick shower. After about 5min of taking a shower I put on my purple and black robe,and then brushed my teeth.

I than walked to the closet and put on a quick outfit not caring if it matched or not. I did my makeup naturally, still trying to avoid the fact that i had to wake up an hour early than usual. I grabbed my luggage and ran out the door.

I jumped into our red mini van were my dad was waiting for me. I glanced at him to tell him "Good Morning" but he just glared at me to hurry or will miss our flight.

I was pretty excited to move to London to start over. But sad to leave my 3 best friends behind.

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