1 Destination (a one direction fan fiction)

Ashleigh,Darcy,Liz,Kat and Bailey formed a singing/dancing group when the herd of one direction there group is named One Destination there not famous though but they do preform in bars till they get discovered.


2. **KAT**

Heyoo im Kat.

im 19.

im in a singing/dancing group with 4 of my best friends.

our group is called One Destination.

Im the hypo one of the group. 


only child 

Niall Horan is my fave 1D member 

fave food is PIE,

well i has to go before im late we need to meet up at our studio.

this is what she changed into: http://www.polyvore.com/kats_dance_practise_outfit/set?id=69388075

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