1 Destination (a one direction fan fiction)

Ashleigh,Darcy,Liz,Kat and Bailey formed a singing/dancing group when the herd of one direction there group is named One Destination there not famous though but they do preform in bars till they get discovered.



Hi im Ashleigh Blue.

I have a sister. her name is Bailey Blue.

im 18.

im in a group we sing and dance.

im a major Directioner.

out of our group im the responsible one. yet the random one.

our group is called One Destination. 

my fav food is muffins.

Liam Payne is my fav 1D member.

where did you get that muffin?

Muffin button.

we didn't install a muffin button.

then were did i get this muffin??

well i need to go get changed before i head to mine and the girls Dance studio

peace out muffins.

this is what she changed into: http://www.polyvore.com/ashleighs_dance_practise/set?id=69387984

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