dont be afraid of the dark

Izzy and a group of her friends Bella and Louis, descide to go on a holiday together for spring break.


Shiver ran threw me. My vision was blurry and i could only see shapes, i look around somthing was standing on the top of the car, i blinked a couple of times and with each blink it became clearer, it was the girl that ran onto the road screaming. She was crouched down holding a knife and crying, her hair was long dark and damp. She was wearing a brown long shirt that had rips across it so that it would show her taired flesh. Her black skinny jeans were coloured a dry blood colour with ripps threw the fabric. Suddendly she looked up at me my breathing rose as she stared to walk over to me. My body froze as i saw her face, blood dripped frome her head and down over her eyes to her chin, she let out another gut brenching scream

Each friend will try despretly to escape but somthing in the wood or in the house wants them DEAD...


5. nightmare

we had already been here for 4 days and the nightmare was becoming unbearible to deal with i couldnt go anywhere without someone i was to scared and the house was always dark damp and i always felt as if someone was following me, everytime i close my eyes i see the face that appeared in the basment and wondered what would have happened if the boys and bella hadnt broken that door down in time.




it was saturday, and bella and my fav tv show was on, the tv stopped working and the louis and the boys were nowhere to be seen so bella and i tried calling them, nothing, "izzy are you ok to saty here and tell me if the tv starts working againg while i go up to the roof and fix it?" she asked jumping up from the couch.

"ah, yeah, sure i guess ill be right for a while i mean whats gonna happen right?" i laught hesitently

"allright well ill be back in a minute".

i was sitting on the couch watching the tv buz when i hered a banh hit the roof.

"bella is thet you..................bella....bella is that you" i stuttered walking up from the couch


i fell back as a loud crash hit the windo i walked over to it and and ripped open the shades that were covering the window. my scraem filled the room as i saw bella covered in blood with the antener cord rapped around her throat.

i could see she was still breathing so i ran ro the kitchen grabbing a pair of sissors fom the draw. i sprinted back over to the window, my shaking hands grabbed the hinge and i despretly tried to open the window, it wasnt working so i puncged my fist threw it forcing glass into my flesh, blood streamed down my arm but i didnt care i had to save bella i grabbed my sissors and cut the rope but before she could fall i grabbed her arm and yanked her threw the shattered window.

her eyes were like glass and breath came in and out ruffly.

i ran over to my phone and called the hospital but all i could here on the phone was screaming and buzing i looked back at bell, ahe was gone...

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