dont be afraid of the dark

Izzy and a group of her friends Bella and Louis, descide to go on a holiday together for spring break.


Shiver ran threw me. My vision was blurry and i could only see shapes, i look around somthing was standing on the top of the car, i blinked a couple of times and with each blink it became clearer, it was the girl that ran onto the road screaming. She was crouched down holding a knife and crying, her hair was long dark and damp. She was wearing a brown long shirt that had rips across it so that it would show her taired flesh. Her black skinny jeans were coloured a dry blood colour with ripps threw the fabric. Suddendly she looked up at me my breathing rose as she stared to walk over to me. My body froze as i saw her face, blood dripped frome her head and down over her eyes to her chin, she let out another gut brenching scream

Each friend will try despretly to escape but somthing in the wood or in the house wants them DEAD...


3. arriving

We finally got the car fixed and arrived at our holiday house. However somthing was wrong the house just seemed different. the woods seemed darker then usual. Bella louis and i grabbed our bags and hurried inside.

Once we had unpacked our bags we met back up in the kitchen...."this place is a mess" louis said loooking around at the damp dark house.

"yeah theres cobwebs, leaks, mold and non of the lights are working, the toilet is covered in dirt and the kitchen is just disgusting"  Bella exclaimbed

"well then we better start cleening then.....ill go get the cleaning supplies they are down in the basment" I smiled while grabbing a dim torch from one of the cabnets. I walked down the hall way towards the basment door. the handle was slimey and when i touched it and opened the door i felt like sothing or someone was behind me, i swarved one was there.

As i continued down the basment satirs a loud bang shot out from behind me causing me to drop my torch, i felt a shiver on my neck as i looked to see that the door had shut behind, i quickly ran back up the stairs falling over in the darkness. the door was locked. I ran up to door and started nocking on it until i heard louis and bellas voice "are you ok izzy why is the door locked" they shouted trying to open it

"i dont know i was walking than it just shut on me and now i cant fi........" i couldnt finish my sentence becuase it was cut of by my painfull scream, louis and bella started thumping and screaming my name, but there voices were fading, i was being dragged down the wooden stairs by sothing it was makeing screaming noises i screamed again as i finall broke free and ran back up the stairs "louis, Bella help m..." i was dragged down once more but this time somthing hit me in the back and i felt a warm liquid spill from the gash in my flesh it had made.

i woke in the bottom of the basment, it was bright i saw light comming in from the small grey windows.

i looked down ar myself my tight tanktop had rips threw it and it wasnt a light blue anymore it was stained with blood, i felt around my back with my hands and i let out a painful screacth as more blood rushed out from the gash in my back. mymovements were soon stoped when i heared a noise comming from the other side of the basment. it sounded like large chains slashing into walls.



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