dont be afraid of the dark

Izzy and a group of her friends Bella and Louis, descide to go on a holiday together for spring break.


Shiver ran threw me. My vision was blurry and i could only see shapes, i look around somthing was standing on the top of the car, i blinked a couple of times and with each blink it became clearer, it was the girl that ran onto the road screaming. She was crouched down holding a knife and crying, her hair was long dark and damp. She was wearing a brown long shirt that had rips across it so that it would show her taired flesh. Her black skinny jeans were coloured a dry blood colour with ripps threw the fabric. Suddendly she looked up at me my breathing rose as she stared to walk over to me. My body froze as i saw her face, blood dripped frome her head and down over her eyes to her chin, she let out another gut brenching scream

Each friend will try despretly to escape but somthing in the wood or in the house wants them DEAD...


6. alone but companied

i was only and panake and fear were taking over my body, bella was missing, the boys were gone and i didnt know if any of them were even alive.

i ran over to the couch and grabbed my jacket and through it over my shoulders, i grabbed my car keys and ran out the door. just as i was about to go ouitside somthing grabbed my ankle and ripped me back inside. I was thrown into a wall and then screaching filled the room.

it was loud it felt like it was going to make ears bleed, nail marks covered the rooms walls, blood hand

smouges and marks covered the floor.


I was alone no one was going to help me now, the girl a saw on the car with the knife flipped her back and staerted to run at me she was screaming and crying she was yealling ''IM GOING TO KILL YOU" i pulled my self up from the floor and ran. She was right behind me, then she jumped up onto the roof i froze, her body was bent back into a bvridge her head beguan to spin around like an her eyes were entirely soulless they were black. she stopped spinning her head so that her back was facing me but her head and face and eyes were looking at me. From that everything went black.

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