dont be afraid of the dark

Izzy and a group of her friends Bella and Louis, descide to go on a holiday together for spring break.


Shiver ran threw me. My vision was blurry and i could only see shapes, i look around somthing was standing on the top of the car, i blinked a couple of times and with each blink it became clearer, it was the girl that ran onto the road screaming. She was crouched down holding a knife and crying, her hair was long dark and damp. She was wearing a brown long shirt that had rips across it so that it would show her taired flesh. Her black skinny jeans were coloured a dry blood colour with ripps threw the fabric. Suddendly she looked up at me my breathing rose as she stared to walk over to me. My body froze as i saw her face, blood dripped frome her head and down over her eyes to her chin, she let out another gut brenching scream

Each friend will try despretly to escape but somthing in the wood or in the house wants them DEAD...


4. a demons appearence

the shaking chains came closer but now they were in front of me, there were blood puddles shaped as footprints from where the thing had walked. suddenly a face appeared, it was pale, sharp theeth haning from its mouth i couldnt describe the rest of the way it looked it was to terrifying for me to even look at..... the figured dissapeared straight away when the door was pushe down and in came louis bella harry zayn niall and laim. They ran towards me picking me up from the floor.

"omg izzy look at your back" bella shouted

"What happened iz" louis said as the rest of the boys helped me up the staires

"i dont know"



when we got up stairs bella ran to the kithchen, she grabbed a washer out from the draw and went to wet it under some cold water.....

"aaaaaaaaaaaaah oh my god help" bella screamed

 the boys sat me on the couch leaving me with louis as they ran over to bella, her hands were covered in blood ans she sat on the floor with her back pushed up against the bench.

''whats wrong bel" liam said

She pointed up to the sink, we looked up the tap was still running but not bith water with blood and body parts.

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