dont be afraid of the dark

Izzy and a group of her friends Bella and Louis, descide to go on a holiday together for spring break.


Shiver ran threw me. My vision was blurry and i could only see shapes, i look around somthing was standing on the top of the car, i blinked a couple of times and with each blink it became clearer, it was the girl that ran onto the road screaming. She was crouched down holding a knife and crying, her hair was long dark and damp. She was wearing a brown long shirt that had rips across it so that it would show her taired flesh. Her black skinny jeans were coloured a dry blood colour with ripps threw the fabric. Suddendly she looked up at me my breathing rose as she stared to walk over to me. My body froze as i saw her face, blood dripped frome her head and down over her eyes to her chin, she let out another gut brenching scream

Each friend will try despretly to escape but somthing in the wood or in the house wants them DEAD...


1. spring break

It was about time, school was finally over and the trip i'd been waiting for was finally here.

"happy birthday izzy..." Bella ran up to throwing herself at me.

"thanks,im so gald im finally 18, so wheres...."i was just about to finish my sentence when louis ran up to us and cut me of...

"so izzy, bella are you ready to go" he said guiding us over to the car park out the front of school.

"Sure are" bella said he face filling with excitment.

We threw our bags in the car and just when i was about to drive louis jump in and smirked at me... "you didnt think the birthday girl was going to drive did you?''

i laughed and joined bella in the back of the convertable.



We'd already been travelling for 4 hours and a half, it was alreaddy dark and louis was excursted.

"louis let me drive so you can rest" i damanded

"im fine izzy just get some sleep yourself like bella" he said looking over at bella who at spread herself out across the car seat and was drawling a bit. We both laughed and he kept driving.

"but louis we still have 6 more hours to g...." i was cut of by a scream that eachoed throught the woods.

louis looked at me than back to the road, he screatched down the brakes of the car as another scream bled into our ears. The car be guan to swarve and we both froze as a yough girl ran out of the wood covered in blood and ran into the car, she vanished with a scream as the car swarved towards her and she was gone. Within seconds the car had thumped into a tree and i had blacked out.




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