Love and war (completed)

Rose, jade, Alex, Mariah, Amanda, jikke, marissa, Bella, Amy, and Olivia are in a competition called love and war, it a competition to win the hearts of the boys in one direction. For one girls are competitive as it is, but with a chance to be one of the boys girlfriends it sends them over the edge and makes them do crazy ridiculous things they would never do, Betrayal, heartbreak, fights, wars between friends, anything to win, it will result in love and war.


8. Chapter 8

Bella's P.O.V. But instead he kissed my neck and the licked my jawline. I really had never experienced some one doing something like that to me, so I popped up and and scrambled back to my suite. Did he just do what I thought he just did. **the next morning** I pooped up out of bed and skipped down the hall to the kitchen. I grabbed some toast and sat on the bar stool. I sat quietly for a moment till all the girls left exept Amy and Amanda were left.

"Liam kissed my neck last night" I blurted out accidently.

"What! How! When! What!" Amy said excitingly.

"Tell us the dets" Amanda nagged me till I gave in. I told then the whole story and there jaws dropped.

"Liam goody goody Liam did that" Amy said surprised.

"Yes" I don't see why they called him goody goody because what he did last night wasn't some thing a goody goody would do.
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