Love and war (completed)

Rose, jade, Alex, Mariah, Amanda, jikke, marissa, Bella, Amy, and Olivia are in a competition called love and war, it a competition to win the hearts of the boys in one direction. For one girls are competitive as it is, but with a chance to be one of the boys girlfriends it sends them over the edge and makes them do crazy ridiculous things they would never do, Betrayal, heartbreak, fights, wars between friends, anything to win, it will result in love and war.


3. Chapter 3

Okay Im Out of school because it Martin Luther king day so yeah I get to update twice lucky you huh well anyways I appreciate the likes/favorites/and the comments so keep it up!

Rose's P.O.V. I was so curious as to where we were going, I sat humming a tune quietly to myself. I know people think I'm weird or I talk way to much, but ya see my parents died when I was younger in a car crash, I was in the car too, I was only 4 so the damage to its toll I have a little bit of memorie loss, and in the car crash I hit my head which also caused some mental illness but I've really over came it well, the doctor says I'm a miracle. We sat in the limo for a about 40 minutes then we went in this park. There were all these different things like a puddle of mud and you had to crawl through it like at some boot camp. Me and Mariah both burst out laughing marissa is going to look like an idiot.

"Surprise" ally smiled.

"It's the first competition" she patted marissa on the shoulder. The boys were grinning for ear to ear.

"First up rose" my name repeated in my head, crap I'm like really shy in front of boys and now I have to be first I stood frozen for a second. I was about to say something but Amanda interuppted.

"I want to go first" Amanda said willingly. Amanda has been my friend forever she knows my about my problem and is always helping me out, like this. I get flustered easily because of the mental illness I have, and Amanda knows that I do, so she always offers to do it instead, she is the best friend I could ever have. Amanda is so outgoing and confident and brave. All iam is loud and obnoxious. Amanda went though the obstacles with ease. Marissa on the other hand did terrible. She stubbled everywhere and screamed that she had broken a nail and that her dress is all muddy. What a plastic Barbie that bitch is. It was my turn I was really nervous I could she in Amanda's eyes that she was worried that I would get frustrated and that I would get upset. But I did fine it was easy compared to math or any school related topic. Mariah and Amanda did the best out of everyone so they got to pick who they would go on a date with, Mariah choose niall and Amanda choose zayn. The next three would get to pick the boys then the boys would pick the next five, for their second date. I came in sixth place so I was really worried on who was going to pick me. Alex was fourth and she Harry, Jade was fifth and she pick Louis. His was the moment I knew half the girls like niall and he would probably pick them for the next date, Louis chose jikke, Liam chose Bella, and zayn chose Amy, Harry chose marissa and niall actually chose me, me out of all these girls I was so happy but I felt bad at the same time he had to go out with me, mentally freak restarted me.
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