Love and war (completed)

Rose, jade, Alex, Mariah, Amanda, jikke, marissa, Bella, Amy, and Olivia are in a competition called love and war, it a competition to win the hearts of the boys in one direction. For one girls are competitive as it is, but with a chance to be one of the boys girlfriends it sends them over the edge and makes them do crazy ridiculous things they would never do, Betrayal, heartbreak, fights, wars between friends, anything to win, it will result in love and war.


16. Chapter 16

Jikke's P.O.V. I woke up to a loud horn filling my ears.
"Eh, what the hell" I groaned putting my head under my pillow.

"Wake up you lazy bum" Mariah laughed.

"Okay okay" I laughed lifting the pillow off my head.

"HARRY!" I shouted and put my head under the blankets.

"Hello to you too" he said.

"Go out I have bed head" I yelled. "I'm going" he said and I heard the door close.

"Amen, tell you the truth Mariah I'm naked" I laughed and came up from my covers.
"Ahh HARREH!! You left" Mariah and Harry were on the floor they laughed so hard. "Out for real this time!" I said holding back my laughter. I got out and changed into some clothes and fixed my hair. "I'm ready" I said coming out of my room. "So why are you here?" I asked Harry. "Becuase both of our birthdays past I thought we could hang out as the birthday buds" he smiled. "Okay" I said. "Wow, don't be so enthusiast" Harry laughed.


"Where are we going?!?!?" I complained.

"I told you it's a secret!" Harry said back in the same irritated tone. We got to the big mystery destination which just turned out to be the zoo.

"This is your big surprise" I joked.

"No it's inside" he put his hand on my lower back sending shivers down my spine. He looked at me and smiled. We got inside and started looking animals.

"Oh look the lions!" Harry exclaimed. I guess he likes them because they're in the cat family. We looked around for about three more hours then we started to get hungry.
"Ice cream" he said and then bought me three scoops of ice cream. "Um....Harry I don't think I can eat this all" I my eyes widened as I looked intimidating three scoops more then 750 calories. "That's why we are sharing silly goose" I blushed a little. He took a lick then I did the same. Soon I 'accidentally' pushed the ice cream in is face we started an ice cream war.


"Thanks Harry" I said shyly.
"Your welcome" he smiled while pushing a piece of hair from behind my ear. I pushed me againist the wall and smashed his lips against mine. Our lips moved in sync, he bit my lip for permission to enter I opened my mouth and his tongue explored my mouth. Our lips parted and and Harry smirked. "Your mine now" he said and then kiss down my neck then left a hickey on my neck. He turned and left. God he is hot!

**authors note** hey people sorry if there is misspelled or punctuation errors. I'm super busy baby sitting my siblings lol. So yeah hope you like! Like, favorite, and comment!! ~dont stop believing~ <3 skittles!!
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