Love and war (completed)

Rose, jade, Alex, Mariah, Amanda, jikke, marissa, Bella, Amy, and Olivia are in a competition called love and war, it a competition to win the hearts of the boys in one direction. For one girls are competitive as it is, but with a chance to be one of the boys girlfriends it sends them over the edge and makes them do crazy ridiculous things they would never do, Betrayal, heartbreak, fights, wars between friends, anything to win, it will result in love and war.


12. Chapter 12

Rose's P.O.V. We walked into the club and all separated I to little cliques. I was walking over to Niall when some one pulled me away into the corner of the room.

"I need you to make Bella jealous" Liam whispered in my ear.

"Why? And how?" I asked.

"I don't know just dance with me" he said taking my wrist and pulling me out to the center of the dance floor right where everyone could see us. I had no choice but to dance with him.

"Act all flirty, please. I need you to make her jealous" Liam pulled me closer to him and we started to grind. I saw Amy give me the evil eye as she walked by. If only she new the real reason.

Bella's P.O.V. "What is rose doing?" Jade whispered to me.

"I don't know but Liam is enjoying it I can tell" I furiously grabbed my glass and chugged the whole thing.

"Where are you going" Niall said pulling me back towards him.

"Bathroom" I lied and put on a fake smile. But on the inside I was strangling Rose to death.

"Okay" he smiled and let go of my arm. I stomped toward them with a fire burning in my eye. Rose got a frightened look in her face as I stopped and pulled them apart.

"What was that for?" Liam shouted and walked back towards Rose.

"What was that for? Really Liam you know exactly what that was for. You lead me on you ass hole!! Rose don't let Liam get to you he is just a bitch and this all he'll ever be" I said. I waked away quietly letting a tear roll down my cheek. How could this happen to me. I wish I never agreed to do this stupid competition. I walked out of the club and back to the hotel where I would eat Ice cream and watch chick flicks.

Rose's P.O.V. "Liam" I giggled as he slipped his hand in mine. We had been at the club all night and then decided to leave and go for a walk.


We got back to the hotel around 4:00 A.M.
"Liam it so late I'm tired" I whined at him.

"Just one movie please" he begged me.

"Fine" I groaned in defeat.

***next morning***

I rubbed my eyes sitting up in my bed. Wait! This isn't my bed. I looked around and panicked. I was naked, shit! If I think happened last night, really happened, I'm in deep shit.

"Morning babe" Liam said from the bathroom. He came out and smiled at.

"Morning" I said turning my eyes away from him. I think he purposely came out wearing that little tiny towel on.

"Umm....Liam if something happened last night, I didn't mean for it to happen. Okay, I was drunk to all get out." I tried reasoning with him.

"If you mean we had sex last night then yes" he smirked loosening his towel a little.

"Liam! Your not gong to tell someone right" I said concerned tightening the blanket around my chest. Liam stayed silent for a while. Exactly what I thought he just did this to make everyone jealous.

"Liam if you tell a single person, I will personally kick you sorry little ass." I growled and grabbed my clothes. I stomped away with his blanket still tightly gripped around my a chest, till I found a bathroom. I quickly changed into my clothes and left before any one could see me.

**authors note** holy guacamole this just got to a whole new level of drama. So yeah be prepared for an epic show down between Rose and Bella and some serious fights with Niall and Liam. Okay so yeah next chapter will be based around Harry, Zayn, Amy, Olivia. So yeah okay hope you liked the update. Like,favorite and comment too!! ~don't stop believing~ <3 skittles.
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