Love and war (completed)

Rose, jade, Alex, Mariah, Amanda, jikke, marissa, Bella, Amy, and Olivia are in a competition called love and war, it a competition to win the hearts of the boys in one direction. For one girls are competitive as it is, but with a chance to be one of the boys girlfriends it sends them over the edge and makes them do crazy ridiculous things they would never do, Betrayal, heartbreak, fights, wars between friends, anything to win, it will result in love and war.


11. Chapter 11

Amy's P.O.V

We all piled into the club laughing as we spotted the boys hanging in the V.I.P lounge area. We all made our way towards them, Olivia by my side. I kept pulling down on my dress self-consciously, I didn't want to look like a slut when I met the boys. I scanned the sofa and my eyes landed on a dark figure hanging around at the back. I knew that shape far too well. I smiled to myself as I walked up to him.

Olivia was still by my side and nudged me as I walked,

"What?" I asked stopping in my tracks turning to her.

"Stop grinning like an idiot, you don't want to look desperate when you talk to him. Zayn will love it if you play hard to get." She said smiling and looking down at the ground. She kinda looked quite alone so I perked up and said,

"Go and talk to Harry, he's been staring at you for the last 5 minutes. Good luck." I winked at her and walked up to Zayn casually, trying to play it cool.

"Hey." I said smiling sheepishly, well what happened to playing hard to get, come on Amy, get a grip!

"Hi, you look nice." He said looking down at me through his dark lashes. He looked at my body up and down and them grinned licking his lips. "Wanna go dance or get a drink?" He asked.

"Maybe a drink first?" I said laughing a little uneasily.

"Sure." He said as I followed him down to the bar. I looked up at the girls and noticed Rose getting very close to Liam, what? I thought she liked Niall, I hope she doesn't make a bad move, Niall is such a sweet guy he doesn't deserve someone like Rose if she does shit like that. I sighed and turned around, facing Zayn. He was already holding a drink for me.

"Thanks." I replied taking it from me. I sipped it and smiled at it's taste, it burned as it slid down my throat, leaving a strawberry taste on my lips.

"Dance with me?" Zayn said, holding out his hand, I looked over at his glass and realized he finished his. I tipped my drink back fast and joined him on the dance floor. Wow, I'm never this confident, maybe I have had a little too much to drink tonight, oops! The rest of the night flied by fast, drinks and drinks filling entering my body like no tomorrow and soon most of the gang had left except for Olivia, Harry, Zayn and I. We were all shit-faced and I felt really naughty.

"Hey guys.." I slurred swinging my body from side to side. "I think we should go outside and..." I remember feeling myself laughing, but after that I...I can't remember.

*Next Day*

Olivia's P.O.V.

I sat up off the stone hard be- wait what? I looked around and saw Harry, Zayn and Amy passed out too, on these horrid, apparently so-called beds. I looked around properly and finally computing where we were, I gasped. Oh no. Oh no no no.

"Guys." I hissed, trying to wake them up.

"Hmmm..." Harry rolled over slightly, his curls messed up sticking to his face. Zayn abruptly sat up. He looked around and then widened his eyes.

"Shit." He muttered. Harry looked up and smiled when he saw me and then it faded after he asked me the one question that was on everyone's mind,

"Guys, why are we in a police cell?"


Updated by Liv.lbowen

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