harry oh my harry part 2

if you are a new reader read 'harry oh my harry' to find out what already happend :D


1. wedding

it has been 5 years that me and harry have been together now! time has flew by so fast, it still feels like last month he had asked me out. And now we where gonna get married!! i wouldn't believe this, it all felt like a dream. 5 years... wow... my life is perfect, i have an amazing boyfriend, the best-est friends ever, and im gonna have a family.. *sigh* i smiled as i thought to my self as i opened my eyes waking up in my bed, not remembering how i got here but didn't care because everything was perfect. i looked next to me to see if harry was there sleeping .. he wasnt, i looked around while i moved my tangles greasy hair out of my face. i got up to to get out of my pjs and was left in my bra and under wear, feeling sexy, but kinda stunk.. i grabbed a towel and went into the bathroom to have a shower, i took off my bra and underwear and threw it to the back of the closed door. opened the curtain for the shower, and turned on the water so it was steamy but not so hot. i got in and started washing my hair then i had a song stuck in my head so i started to hum it, dancing, twerking, yelling at the top of my lungs the lyrics, when all the sudden once i was done, i herd slow clapping, and a sexy giggle. my eyes went wide from embarrassment. i opened the curtain and looked all around i saw no one, i kinda got scared, but i saw boxers on the floor. "BOO!" yelled harry who snuck inside my shower. i slapped him with reaction and fright. he laughted more, the half smile and cute laught i couldnt be mad at him i started to laught too, then a % star print started to form on his chest where i slapped him. "omg babe, im so sorry, look what i did!" a said while point to the hand pint on his chest. "its fine baby. i would go threw any paint for u." he said pulling my body close to his. looking down into my eyes. then started to kiss me, when all the sudden we herd the front door slam shut. 


i looked at harry as i pushed him off of me, "go look" i whispered. he got out and took my towel, he went and looked, i turned off the water, and looked for another towel under the sink. i found one and wrapped it around my body and walked out of the bathroom to where harry was, he was standing there clue less no one was here. he looked at me "the hell????" he said. i went up to him n he held my in his arms. when niall popped out from behind the fridge, stuffing his face with food. "heey guys!! go get ready im hungry lets go out for lunch #2" he said. i looked at my phone that was on the table and saw the time it was 1:00pm. i threw harry's towel tht he had at him laughted and walked away into  my bedroom, and harry ran after me, taking my towel. "HEY THERES NO TIME FOR SEX GUYS" niall shouted from the kitchen. as harry responded "YES THERE IS THERES ALWAYS TIME FOR IT!". i laughted, and threw some clothes at him. we got changed and left to go have lunch with niall. 


we got back from lunch and i called harry to the bed room,worried. "yeah babe??" he said hanging by the door ledge. "we need to go to the store.. i havent had my period this month n i was supposed to have it .. " i said sitting on the bed looking down with my hands folded on my lap. "well lets go, and see if we are the lucky ones or not." he said taking my hand and pulling me, i was surprised he was happy, i thought he wouldnt bee, a Saturday night first day off work and finding out the girl you're gonna marry might be pregnant. 


we got to the store and got a test. once we arrived back home i went straight to the bathroom and read the instructions.    "can only be used 10 days after intercourse with partner. 2 lines means you are pregnant and one means your not. if you need more help please call us at 1-800-573-4663 or go to pregnancysmiles.com." i counted the days since me and harry dine stuff with each other and that was 9 days ago. i didnt want to take a risk by one day so i put it aside till the morning, and went to go see him. 


i opened the quiet bathroom door, and walked down the hall i didn't weigh alot so there was no creaking sound except for the one at the end of the fall because the floor had an air bubble. with harry not knowing i could here i heard him talking to Niall. 

"i just don't know what to do.. i cant be a father. not with her.. i have been meaning to do it, n tell her but i haven't found the right time.. plus what about tour and all.. we go back to work in 3 days.. and im not even sure if I wanna do this.. but i know i don't have much longer if I -" Niall cut harry off.

"hazza.. dont think like that, we all have hope.. your gonna make it threw the chemo. and there's signs your doing better, let me see.." 

i looked in the mirror and saw Niall take off a wig that harry was wearing. he barely had hair, how did i not notice. harry got up and walked my way, i was so zoned out n scared, n shocked that i didn't even notice that he was already in-front of me. i looked up my eyes full of water, as a tear tumbled down my cheek. looking at him all i saw was blur, i blinked twice and got my vision back to normal, and to see harry stranding in front of me shocked i looked at his hair, baby hairs, almost as if he shaved off his locks. 

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