life with niall horan

this is a dream come true, me and niall together :)

this is a dirty story ;)


11. wedding day

*wedding day*   

niall P.O.V

its been so hard being away from Yasmin for a week but today was our wedding i was so excited.

  Yasmin P.O.V

wedding day was final here i was so happy. the time apart was hard. the priest said "do you Niall Horan take Yasmin to be your wife to have and to hold and though sickness and in health" niall replied with "i do",  the priest continued with  "do you Yasmin Mary take niall to be your husband to have and to hold though sickness and in health" and i said "i do" the priest said you may now kiss your bride. and niall and we shared a passion  kiss and every one cheered as we left the church together and i through the flower's up and Claire court  and  and gave harry a cheeky grin as niall and i got into our car and went to our house to get our thing and and change and we went to the air port and we flow to Italy. 

niall P.O.V 

we landed at 9:00pm and we went straight to our hotel and niall rocked me well and hard.   on our first day in Italy we when site seeing,  Yasmin and i when home the next day after getting things to bring back for the others    Yasmin  P.O.V  it was great to be home in our own bed again and seeing the kids and everyone else too we gave them their gifts. 


*15 years have past*

  Yasmin  P.O.V harry and Claire are now married and only have Darcy 18 and are expecting a boy , Louis and Eleanor have 5 kids Kim 15, Courtney 4, James 6, William 9 and reece 18, Liam and Danielle have 2 kids Rachel 12 and Kate 7, zayn and Perrie also have to Emma 15 and rick 2 and niall and i have 3 the twins zach 18, Alex 18 and Stacey 9. Zach and Darcy are now dating and Alex and Emma are dating they are all so cute together.    Claire , Eleanor  Perrie  Danielle and i have to baby sit the kids for 3 weeks as the boys are going on tour again    fun.  
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