life with niall horan

this is a dream come true, me and niall together :)

this is a dirty story ;)


8. the fair


Claire P.O.V  last night was amazing the best i have ever had. i we so glad harry and i were together now a dream come true. when niall and Yasmin woke up at 12:00am, we all got dressed in simply cloths and got into Yasmin's car and she took us to the fair, harry and i went straight to the bumper cars with niall as Yasmin couldn't and we went on all the simply rides as harry and i don't like roller coasters and  we left at 3:00pm.   Yasmin P.O.V  it was cute seeing harry and Claire together. im glad they all had fun at the fair. i had fun to with the win a price game went niall won me a giant white teddy bear. when we got home i packed my bag and stayed at Niall's with him. early in the morning niall and i went baby cloths shopping buying boy and girl cloths them we went to my place and put the bags into my room and than i asked Claire it she need a lift to the train station and she replied with "nope harry asked me to stay here with him and i said yes", i smiled and hugged them. it was cool that they clicked like this.  
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