life with niall horan

this is a dream come true, me and niall together :)

this is a dirty story ;)


2. the date


*next day*   i wake up and looked at my phone it was 7:00am and so i got up and had a shower and got dress in a black singlet with a gold cross on it and a pair of bright blue jeans and a pair of converse shoes and put my hair in a messy bun and when down starts where i could smell something amazing. it was harry he was making bacon and eggs for breakfast for us. "that sells great" i said with a smile, harry replied with thanks as he turned with the frying pan in his left hand and the spatula in the other, he also said "wow you look amazing Yasmin  he smiled "thanks harry" i said happily. After breakfast i went to the store and got same decorations for tomorrow night and i went to a little cafe down the street called smiles cafe and i called niall hoping he wasn't busy  he answered saying "hey Yasmin how are you" i replied with "hey im good want to get something to eat at smile cafe", "yer" he said in a happy way     Niall P.O.V  to hear her voice oh my god, i stopped watching TV and when up stares to change i decided  to wear a red polo and a pair of cream coloured jeans and ran down stares and when out the door and got into my car and drove to the cafe i pulled up out the front and i got out of the car and Yasmin ran over to Yasmin and i greeted her with a hug. we both walked in side and ordered 2 lattes and sat down at a table for 2 and stated talking about going back to work after the holidays and how we enjoyed the break. after we finished our coffee we decided to go home so we said our good byes.    Yasmin  P.O.V  oh how i wanted to kiss him. i rang harry telling him i was on my way home, it was about 5:00pm when i got home and harry and i decided to watch some TV we flicked thought channels and teen wolf was on harry and i loved this show, we watched the 2 episodes that were on and it was 9:00pm so we called it a night because it was niall's birthday tomorrow.  
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