life with niall horan

this is a dream come true, me and niall together :)

this is a dirty story ;)


6. pregnant


*next day*   niall P.O.V i was woken by someone getting sick and i noticed Yasmin wasn't lying next to me. i got up and knocked on the bath room door asking Yasmin if she was ok, she replied with i don't know. i had a feeling she was pregnant it would be so cool to be a father.   Yasmin P.O.V  i  felt so sick this morning and i asked niall to take me to the doctor and he agreed we got into the car and drove. we where in the waiting room for 20 minutes before we saw the doctor. when we got in to see the doctor he asked question about when the vomiting started and i replied with today and the doctor asked then the last time i had sex was i replayed with Monday  the doctor did a couple of test and then looked at niall and i and said your pregnant. niall and i both were crying tears of joy, i was so happy.   niall P.O.V i was so happy to know i was going to be a father, we both agreed to tell everyone at dinner, i rang Louis and told him that Claire was coming to the dinner and he replied with "no problem, i added a extra set just in case harry brought someone".   Yasmin  and i left the doctors and went home and had some sandwich's, Yasmin was feeling much better. Yasmin and i then went up stares to our room and talked about names. Yasmin said "Alex, zach or josh" for a boy and "jade, Anne or lee" for a girl. we both agreed on zach or jade depending on whether the baby was a boy or girl.  
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