life with niall horan

this is a dream come true, me and niall together :)

this is a dirty story ;)


3. nialls birthday


*Niall's birthday*   Niall P.O.V today was my birthday im so excited.   Yasmin  P.O.V today was the day i got out of bed text niall happy birthday and had a shower changed into a pair of track pants and a on a old shirt and left my hair down and  put a short orange dress with orange heels aside for tonight. i when down stares to help harry make Niall's cake. it was chocolate with vanilla icing and i message was on top saying happy birthday niall in orange incing. when we finish the cake we both when and got changed, people starting to arrived at 6:00pm and when everyone was here i went to my car and went to Niall's house to picked him up and when i got there i went up the 4 steps out the front of his house and knocked on the door and he answered i told him to get dressed in something nice because i was taking him out. he then came down stares in a white see though shirt that showed his abs and i blind folded him and we got in my car and we arrived at my house i texted harry and told him was were out the front i unlock the door and took of the blind fold and everyone jumped up and said happy birthday niall. niall when red in the face and kissed me on the cheek then i went red. niall opened his presents and them harry went to the garage and got the beer and bought it into the room we all got some and started drinking. i put the stereo on and we started dancing.   *one hour later*   niall and i were sick of dancing and playing shots, and niall whispered in my ear that he wanted to go to my room and tell me some thing, so we when up stares and we sat on my bed and niall began to talk he said looking in my eyes "Yasmin i love you i have for so long" i replied with "i have felt the same way for so long" and we passionately kissed. niall stating kiss me slowly moving down to my neck making me morn a little, he then took off his shirt showing his abs making me bite my lower lip. niall then removed my dress and un-clipped my bra with his teeth. niall unzipped his pants and took of his boxers show me his long hard length, he then he moved closer removing my undies. niall then inserted his length and stated thrusting getting faster and faster making me morn louder than before but not laud another to be heard down stares and niall liked it. niall was just about to reach his high as he got faster and faster then he let out a morn and pulled out, trying to get our breath back. we both fell asleep naked in each other  arms.  
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