life with niall horan

this is a dream come true, me and niall together :)

this is a dirty story ;)


4. next morning


*next morning*  

Niall P.O.V

Yasmin  and i where woken up by harry telling us Liam, Louis  zayn, Danielle  Perrie and Eleanor needed our help with the cleaning. we had showers and got changed, i borrowed same of harry's cloths and we went down stares to help harry and the others with the cleaning. there were empty beer bottles all over the ground. it was about 9:00am when we all started cleaning. we all finished cleaning at 11:00am and went all went out for lunch at nandos when we left nandos it was 1:30pm and we all went home the others got in there cars at Yasmin and harry's house well excepted me i stayed with Yasmin and harry.  

Harry P.O.V

it was surprising finding niall in Yasmin's bed but i was happy for both of them. the way they looked at each other was so cute but i do feel left out because everyone else in the band were dating i just hope i can find someone.  

Yasmin  P.O.V

i was so happy that niall was here again. we all sat on the lounge and watched TV, i looked over at harry he look up set just as i was about to say something my friend Claire rang me. we talked about what we where doing for next 4 days for holidays. i just said "hanging with niall and the other boys and there girlfriends", Claire asked about harry and i just said "he is good",i said unsure, "why" Claire replied with a giggle and said "im coming down your way and we  all should get together". i smiled and said "oh my god". it was so cool because i know she has a big crush on harry and harry has one on her. i got off the phone and ran into the lounge room and told niall and harry. harry's eyes widened when i told him that Claire was coming.   

harry P.O.V

 i was so happy when Yasmin said Claire was coming, i have had a big crush on her for so long.   the next i woke up so happy knowing Claire was coming today i couldn't help but smile

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