life with niall horan

this is a dream come true, me and niall together :)

this is a dirty story ;)


9. for the future


niall P.O.V  i bought a nice house across from nandos and i told Yasmin i bought a house for us to start out family in. Yasmin was so happy she gave me the biggest hug ever and said  "i love you" and kissed me like 100 times, i said i love you too in between kisses.   *week later*    Yasmin P.O.V niall and i moved into our new home and niall had went back to work in the studio and we were so happy.   *3 years later*   niall P.O.V Yasmin and i have beautiful 3 year old identical twins boys Zach and Alex, Harry and Claire just had a baby girl called Darcy  Liam and Danielle  got married last year, Louis and Eleanor had been married for 3 years and have a son called reece and zayn and Perrie have a daughter called Emma 2 years old and are expecting their second child.  
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