life with niall horan

this is a dream come true, me and niall together :)

this is a dirty story ;)


7. dinner


*at dinner*    Yasmin P.O.V before we all ate niall and i told everyone we had good new and they all asked "what what is it" and i replied with "im pregnant". everyone eyes sparked and Louis and Eleanor said congratulations and the others nodded in agreement and niall and i smiled. we all finished eating at 9:30pm we all went home and watch a bit of TV and when to bed .    harry P.O.V Claire looked amazing tonight in that short light long sleeved dress with her shoulder length hair straightened. Yasmin and niall went to bed and Claire i where sitting on the lounge watching 21 jump st, it is such i great movie, i couldn't help but look at Claire even in her pj's i was drawn to her. i turn and looked at her and she looked at me, we gazed into each others eyes and i told her how i felt and we slowly moved closer and then our lips touch and we kissed for 2 min and we pulled away blushing. we turned the TV off and went to my room. Claire whispered in my ear "im going to make a mess upon your innocence" i could feel my cheeks go red and my heart start to beat faster and faster. she removed my shirt and i removed her shirt and bra revealing her lovely body. Claire started rubbing my leg as i kissed her neck, she tugged on my boxers and and then pulled them down with her teeth, than she put my penis in her mouth and massaging it with her tongue sucking it slowly making me morn, she then took my penis out of her mouth and started kissing my abs moving back up to my head. i then flipped her on to the bottom inserting my length and thrusting slowly getting faster making her to morn . i then removed my length and layed next to her with out legs entwine.   
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