life with niall horan

this is a dream come true, me and niall together :)

this is a dirty story ;)


5. claire arrived


Yasmin P.O.V  i was woken up at 8:00am because my phone was ringing it was Claire she was at the train station, i had a shower and got dress in a cute cream high skirt and a light blue singlet and i tucked it into my skirt, when down stares told harry were i was going and i told him to tell niall.    i got to the train station at 10:00am and meet up with Claire we hugged and went to my car and we drove to my house was talked about what were had been doing and she was asking about harry again.  we got home at 10:30am and i showed Claire the guess room so she could put her thing away. we came back out and when into the lounge room were harry and niall were watching TV. harry greeted Claire with a hug and Niall said hello and gave her a short hug and we all talked about what we were going to do for the next 4 days as Claire had to go home on the Sunday.   harry P.O.V i was so happy to finally look at Claire again, she is the most beautiful girl i have ever layed eyes on. i have to tell her how i feel. i thought with a smile    Claire P.O.V it was amazing to see harry again. he is so fit and amazing i hope he feels the same way about me. i thought with a smile.  
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