Forever Begins Now Sequel to The Only Exception

Niall and Alli just got Married...
What will happen when they find some little things?

PS. This picks up where "The Only Exception" left off...


11. sorting feelings

Alli's POV

Once Niall and I are ready, we go downstairs with Alex.

Marissa walks up to me and I hand Alex to Niall. "Can I talk to you Alli?' Marissa asks. "Yeah." We walk into the lounge room and sit down. "Okay what did you want to talk about?" I ask. "Um, I wanted to talk to you about Harry." She replies. "Mmhmm?" "Well, I think that I maybe... Well I'm just gunna tell you staight out, I think I have feelings for Harry." She replies. "Oh. Uh, well... I dont know what to say." I say. "Well you're the first person that I've told and I dont really plan on telling him, but I came to you for advice. If you had any... But I guess not." She explains. "Well, but you have Zayn. But you're a godmother with Harry, so there's really no avoiding him. So really, you only have one option. You have to tell Harry. Or, I could tell him for you." "Could you? Please? Oh my god, thank you!" "Okay, well lets get this over with, stay here while I go get him."

I walk into the lounge with Harry, Marissa cant even look at him. "Okay look Harry, we've got something to tell you. Okay um, well how do I say this? Marissa has found that she has feelings for you. And um, well she didn't exactly know how to tell you so..." Harry's jaw just dropped to the floor. "I'll leave you two alone to talk this out." I say and walk into the livingroom.

Harry's POV

"Okay well we can figure this out, right? I mean, well..." I say. "I'm sorry Harry, I'm sorry for putting you in this position. I mean, I'm not even sure that I'm sure that my feelings are right..." She says, moving closer to me. "Harry, do you trust me?" She asks. "Sure, yeah, I trust you Rissa." I reply nervously. "Okay. Umm, I need to be sure about my feelings. Harry I'm going to kiss you, but I need you to let me do it. I need to be sure what I feel is true." She says quietly. "Go for it babe." I joke. "C'mon, just try and be mature about this."She says. "Okay! Chill out, lets just do this." "Okay, just relax and go along." And thats when she leans in and kisses me...

Marissa's POV

When I pull away, all Harry and I can do is smile at eachother. "Harry, I was right, I do have feelings for you." I whisper. "Well thats good, because I think I could feel that way for you too." Harry replies. "Okay, so how do we tell the others? Oh my god, Zayns gunna take this so hard. What do we do?" I start to panic. "Hey hey hey, calm down. Leave Zayn to me. Why dont you go tell the girls?" He says. "Okay," I say more calmly. I can only imagine what Zayn will do when he finds out...

Authors Note...

Hey Boogerz,

I'm sorry this was a short chapter. But it only made sense to end it this way. Anyway, it's 9:00 and I gotta go to bed. so good night and look forward to typing the next chapter! Bye!

Happy reading,

Ms Direction <3

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