Forever Begins Now Sequel to The Only Exception

Niall and Alli just got Married...
What will happen when they find some little things?

PS. This picks up where "The Only Exception" left off...


5. point proven... right! Part 1

Alli's POV

"Well it's a positive. Congratulations, you're pregnant. Also, the baby is healthy. Would you like to know how old and what gender?" The young looking nurse asks. "N-" Niall start but I cut him off. "Yes please." I send Niall a serious look. "Ok ummm... so basically your baby is going on three months now and your baby is a-" "Wait. What? Sorry, but could you go back to the age? Did you say three? As in Three Months?" Niall couldn'd believe it. But niether could I. The nurse double checked her file, "Yep." She said, popping the 'p' sound at the end of her word. "So why didn't we know sooner?" I ask. "Well it's common but dont worry, soon enough, youll know that a little person is in there. And you'll also be showing soon. But, anyway, it's going to be girl."

"Would you like to put your gender bets in now?" I ask them, sitting on the couch in front of Niall and me. "Boy!" Zayn and Marissa say at the same time before lookng at eachother and laughing. Natalie's hand shot up, "Boy!" Harry looked at Natalie and laughed, "Sorry Nat, I love ya. But I'm going with girl." Emily and Liam nodded at eachother before Liam opened his mouth to say, "Let's split it half and half, girl."

Natalies POV

"Okay, so why do you think it's going to be a girl Hazz?" I inquire. "I dont know, whyn do you think that it'll be a boy?" Harry shrugs. "I asked you first." I whine. "Excactly smart one. But, I will make you a deal. I its a boy, I'll do anything that YOU want, for a month. Whereas, if it's a girl, you do anything I want for a month." Harry nods towards me. "Deal." I say holding my hand out to shake.

Author's note-

Okay so this is part one of this chapter. but im sorry, part two wont be the next chapter and you'll see why. But what do you think, Comment/ Favorite/ Fan me! I should be able to update tomorrow around 3:00/ 3:30. But for now, I'm going to sleep! Good night my lovlies!

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Horan

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