Forever Begins Now Sequel to The Only Exception

Niall and Alli just got Married...
What will happen when they find some little things?

PS. This picks up where "The Only Exception" left off...


2. newlywed

Allis POV
I wake up and roll over to face Niall. "Good morning Nialler." I say and his eyes flicker open. "Good morning love." He responds in his beautiful morning-Irish voice. I flop onto my back and admire the new ring on my finger. I never took it off last night, we were too busy. Too bad that my periods gunna ruin it in a day or two. Then I'll be all pissy and miserable. I smirk at the thought of getting my period in a few days and Niall must have noticed. "What's wrong Alli?" He asks worriedly. "Nothing" I say quickly, "I was just thinking" "about anything important?" "No" I finish. I get out of bed and slip an oversized teeshirt of Nialls over my head along with some sweatpants and ugg slippers. "Im gunna go downstairs Niall, meet me in the lounge in a few?" I ask. "Sure" Niall says as I slip out the door downstairs. I walk downstairs and the three girls just sit on the couch and smile at me. I know that they want to know how last night was. The sex. "Okay I know the thoughts that are going through your heads. And all three of you know that that's none of your business. But it was amazing. No Nialls amazing." I giggle. I feel like a kid because I'm so excited. Emily walks over to me," Alli can I talk to you in the lounge?" "Sure Em." We walk into the lounge and Emily motions for me to sit down. "Hey Alli I know this is your business but I'm just concerned. Are you being careful? With Niall?" She asks. "Emily is that all that you wanted? Because I'm not dumb." I say before getting up and walking away. Niall walks into the lounge and sits down next to me. I rest my head in his lap and he strokes my hair. "Niall I love you." I say lovingly. I rethink what Emily said, were we being careful?
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