Forever Begins Now Sequel to The Only Exception

Niall and Alli just got Married...
What will happen when they find some little things?

PS. This picks up where "The Only Exception" left off...


8. Name...

Alli's POV

"Hey, Niall," I say thoughtfully, "I figured it out. Lets name the boy Alexander James. And the girl, Nia Kate." "I love it. Those names are beautiful." Niall says. We are sitting on the couch in the lounge, Niall has his arms around me and my 'bump'. And I'm resting my head on the spot between his chest and stomach. "Do you remember what tomorrow is?" I ask Niall. "I really hope that was a retorical question and you dont have that little faith you have in me. Of course I know what tomorrow is, tomorrow will be the birth of our children and the start of our 'parenthood'" He says, putting air quotes around 'parenthood'. "Niall, I haven't told you this, but I'm so happy that it's your baby." I whisper. "Well I'm happy that you're having my baby." He says, looking down at me. "I love you." I say tiredly, "but, can we go back to bed, it's probably like, six-thirty by now." "Of course babe." He says, helping me up.


"Niall," I say, trying to stay calm through the pain," it's time." "Hmmm?" He says, the fact that 'its time' is still regestering in his head. "Oh! Okay, ummm...--" He starts panicing. "Niall, calm down. I have a bag packed because I knew that this day was coming soon. Its up in our room, along with our coats and a pair of sneakers for both of us." I say, breathing a little faster. I get up as Niall rushes upstairs. He comes down, shoes and jacket already on. He hands me my pair of UGGs to put on, and then my sweatshirt. He ten grabs our keys and runs out the door to start the car.


Niall's POV

They take Alli into another room and insruct me to go into another room to put on scrubs, so I can be in the same room as Alli. Once I get into the room where Alli is, they are calming her down and telling her to breathe easy. I sit down on a chair next to the hospital bed so I can hold Alli's hand. I start massaging small circles into the back of Alli's hand and feel her calm down almost instantly. She looks at me very tiredly.I can't stand to see her like this, hurt, tired, and helpless. "We can do this, okay." I say, holding myself together.

Liams POV

I wake up to my phone buzzing on my bed's sidetable. Its a text, from Niall. It reads:

Hey, I'm taking Alli to the hospital. She's right on time, when you get this message, get up and come to the hoapital. It's no rush, I dont know how long we'll be here...

I get up and wake up Emily accidentally in the process. She checks the time, "What gets you up this early?" "Niall took Alli to the hospital, get up and get ready, we need to go." "Okay."She says before I leave the room to go wake up the others. First I go to Louis' room so he can wake up Harry and Natalie while I get Zayn and Marissa. Once we are all ready, we head off to the hospital. 

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