Forever Begins Now Sequel to The Only Exception

Niall and Alli just got Married...
What will happen when they find some little things?

PS. This picks up where "The Only Exception" left off...


12. Let the games begin...

Harry's POV

I walk into the living room where Zayn, Natalie, Alli, and Niall sit. They're playing with Alex and Nia.

"Zayn, can I talk to you?" I ask.

"Yeah, sure." He rplies curiously, getting up and following me back into the lounge.

"Ok, so you were probably wondering what Alli and Marissa needed to talk to me about. Well I'm going to clear that all up now. But, you need to promise not to get mad and stay calm, no matter what I say. Because I know that you're not going to be happy. Can you do that?"

"Sure, whatever."

"Well, erlier this morning, Marissa came to me and told me that she might have feelings for me."

"Well, um. Okay why would I be mad?"

"Oh, its not that that you would be mad about, it's the next thing that happened. Alli eventually left us alone to talk it out. And well, she needed to be sure about her feelings. Zayn, you need to know that Marissa kissed me."

"Oh, I see."

"So, are you okay?"

"Harold, it takes alot more to make me mad than this. Im not happy about it, but it takes alot more than this to make me mad. I'm just laid back like that."

"Okay well thats a relief. Marissa thought that you would flip when you found out."

"She would." Zayn chuckles.

"Yeah, I guess." I go along.

Zayn's POV

I may have looked like I was cool and calm. But on the inside, I was burning with anger. I get up to go find Marissa, we need to talk.

"Marissa, why are you doing this to me?" I ask.

"Zayn, I cant help it if I have feelings for Harry. Zayn, who I fall in love with is one of the only things I cant control about myself okay?"

"Fine, but I will win you over."

"Oh boy let the games begin..." She says mockingly...

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