Forever Begins Now Sequel to The Only Exception

Niall and Alli just got Married...
What will happen when they find some little things?

PS. This picks up where "The Only Exception" left off...


15. Date--- day out...

Marissa's POV

I stand in front of my closet trying to figure out what to wear for my day out with Zayn. Not to nice... no dresses. But not to comfortable... no sweats. Hmmm... shorts. And now for a shirt, my 'I only date ninjas' shirt. And for shoes, my blue sparkle vans. I walk over to the bathroom and pull out my hair straightener. After straightening my hair, I put my glasses on and go to zayn's room to find him doing his hair very carefully. Too carefully. let's get this over with. "Zayn, you ready?" I ask  him.

"Sure." he says, putting the finishing touches to his one and only love. Himself, his hair, his ego.

I laugh to myself at my joke.

"What was that, love?" He asks, turning his pretty little head towards me.

"What? Oh, nothing. And, zayn, call me Marissa. I'm not your 'love' anymore." I say, a bit too harshly.

"Okay..." Zayn says, turning his attention to the floor.

So maybe I was being mean. But I wasn't eager to impress Zayn right now. I just wanted to get this over with to see my harry again. It hadn't even been an hour and i already miss him. Oh Styles... *que the sigh*


At the park

After getting cookie dough ice cream, Zayn and I sit at a clear bench. "Marissa, I know youre with Harry and all. But you should know that I love you. I've loved you since the first time I seen you. At thge signing, glasses, squealing friends, and all. You probably wont... but, I want you to pick me, over Harry. Please, just think about it."


"Zayn, you know i cant do that. I'm with Harry. And what you did, after I told you, said loud and clear, that I cant be with you Zayn. You need to move on." I say, getting up and heading home.


Back at the house


Harry's POV

I'm sitting in the living room, watching tv when Rissa walks in and plops on the couch next to me, leaning on my side.

"Are you okay Rissa?"

"Peachy" she says sarcastically.

"What happened?"

"Well he asked me out again..."


"I said no."

"Oh. How'd he take it?"

"Well, i think."


"Can we just drop it. I dont want to think about him anymore. I want to think about you."

"That can be arranged." I say, leaning in and kissing her.

"I love you Hazz."

"I love you too, Rissa."


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