Forever Begins Now Sequel to The Only Exception

Niall and Alli just got Married...
What will happen when they find some little things?

PS. This picks up where "The Only Exception" left off...


7. Author's Note

Hey boogerz!

Okay so im not going to go through nine months worth of chapters soooo, Im going to write this chapter and then the next chapter is going to be the birth. Which btw, wont be anything close to descriptive, cuz that would be gross, and I'm twelve, so i'm not going to write about something I dont know! Anyway, still a huge thanks to my bestest friends ever, Marissa and Natalie, for letting me use them in the story. Also, what do you think so far? What should the twins be, fraternal or identical? And if fraternal, two girls, or a girl and a boy? And as far as names go for the girl, Nia or Alice, or both? And if its a boy, I was thinking James, for Niall's middle name, or to represent Alli, Alex. I really appreciate your ideas, go crazy with the comments!

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Horan! <3 <3 <3

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