You Weren't Who I Expected

(This is for the Valentine with One Direction Competition. Hope You like it)
Ellie, a seventeen years old girl. That doesn't want to have a boyfriend because she doesn't want DRAMA. She just wants to wait for the right and perfect one, but she know that it won;t happen sooner... But What if on Valentine's Week of 2013 bumps into someone with curly hair and green eyes, and she suddenly feels something deep down inside, something she never have felt before? Will he change her life forever? Will she that the chance? Will she just acts like nothing happened? Want to know? Well This is her story...


1. Valentine's Dance

Ellie's POV

 Hey, I'm Ellie, I am seventeen years old, American but live in London. In my school they name me as one of the hottest girl in school, I seriously don't know why. I don't have a boyfriend but of course there a lot of guys that want , to be their girlfriend but I always refuse. Why? I just have one reason I DON'T WANT DRAMA.  All of the guys that have asked me to be their girlfriend have no idea who I am, they just want me because my body... I know that because it's obvious. They never really look at my eyes when they are talking to me.

  My best friend Lissa has a boyfriend, they always fights and then an hour later they make up. What a typical thing couples do right?. She always asked me why don't I say yes to any guy that asked me out, but I just said that I am not interested. I just want to have someone that make me have butterflies inside of me, the one that makes my heart melt whenever he smiles, and the one that makes my heart skip a beat like every time I look at him and makes me feel like its the first time.

 Okay... I might stop talking about this but I can't, Lissa can't stop finding me a boyfriend and also a date for the Valentine's Day Dance. Oh yeah and Valentine's day is 1 week away, she tried to get me most of the hottest guy in school but it just won't work for me.

 Today I also have to go shopping with Lissa to buy a new dress for the Dance. So I got up from bed, took a  warm shower - Because its really cold in London-. After that I went to put a blue-long-sleeves shirt and black jeans. I combed my hair and went down stairs. I saw my dad reading the newspaper, i took a look at the cover page and no surprise its was a new of the boys of One Direction that they just returned to London yesterday morning.

"Where you going honey?" My dad asked, he put the newspapers down and took a sip of his coffee.

"I am going to the mall with Lissa to buy our dresses for the dance"

"Oh so you finally said yes to a boy?"

"No, I didn't say yes to anybody yet"

"Oh, Okay then. Do you need money?" 

"Yeah sure." I said. he took his wallet out and gave me 500 pounds (its like 790 dollars btw) My dad was quite a rich man actually "Thanks daddy!" I said with sweet little girl voice.

 I drove to the mall and met Lissa at the parking lot. We entered the mall and went to Dresses and Gowns.

 "What kind of dress do you like?" Lissa asked.

"Red One!" I said quickly.

She went to look for my dress but every choice she made I said  "no"

"Liz? Go find your dress let me find mine" 

"Fine" she whined

20 minutes later Lissa came back with blue-short-sparkling dress. I still haven't found mine obviously.

"Where's your dress?" She asked

"I don't like anything here"

"Ok then, i'll put this..."

"No,no,no go buy it, that dress is perfect for you!!" i quickly interrupted her.

"You think so?"

"I know so"

She left and paid her dress right when we walked out of the store my stomach growled like a whale, Lissa look at me and then look at my stomach and laughed. I took the bag that has her dress and carry it.

"Come on Lets go eat at Nando's" Lissa said. I look at her and raised my eyebrow. I've never eaten at Nando's before. "It's the nearest restaurant!" she speak again. We started walking and then she hold my hand and pull me as we ran to Nando's, I think I'm not the only one hungry here.

 As we about to enter the restaurant we bumped into someone. I felt on top of that someone. My eyes is close by now, this is so embarrassing to even see!!

I open my eyes and saw a pair of green eyes. 

"Hey" he said with a smile and a blush

"Oh My God I am so sorry!!" I said getting off him I look for the bag I was carrying but then the guy gave it to me. "Thank You" I said with a smile "I am really and terribly so sorry for that" i spoke again. He look me into my eyes and I look into his, he has the most beautiful eyes I've seen on a guy. I think my heart just skip a beat.

"It's Ok" he said with his wonderful British accent. And he also smile at me. "I'm Harry" he spoke again, then it gets to me that one of the guy of One Direction is name Harry.

"Styles?" I said sarcastically and i let out a giggle.

"Yeah Nice to meet you, what's your name love?"he said. Oh my gosh is he serious?

"I. I'm Ellie" we shook hand and I could swear when we touch I felt a tingle. "Well goodbye now" I said trying to avoid all this butterflies.

 "Wait!" he said.


"maybe we should hang out sometimes"

"Hang out?"

"Ye like go for an ice cream or something..."  Oh My Gosh, he is the first guy who actually want to just hang out, most of the guys always say "Do you want to go out toning?" or "Do you want to go on a date with me" or sometimes they just say "Hey gurl, I'll pick you up at eight okay? wear something nice... or sexy" Should I say yes to harry? This is weird.

"Sure I'll love to" 

"what about this evening?" he asked me


Than I turned to look at Lissa she her eyes was wide open and so as her mouth. i smiled confusely at her. We took 2  Peri-peri chicken take away. And ate it in my house, she began to talk about Harry and asked me a lot of things. Then I finally told her I have a date with him this evening.

"What!!!? How could you not tell me this? Wait you said yes to a guy for the first time? OMG!!"

"Lissa, Calm the hell down we are just going to hang out."

"Yea, yea but remember you still don't have a date for the dance."

So than i put on some skinny jeans and a loose shirt that say ' I'm Better Than Your Ex, Fresher Than Your Next'

 Than I went out of my house and saw harry on the street with a motorcycle. I went to him and said hi. We went to get an ice cream, we talk and talk that all. he dropped me infront my house kiss me on the cheek then I blush. I swear i couldn't sleep at night. We did really hang out and not do anything else.

Harry and I hang out everyday since then it was the best week of my life so far. Tomorrow is the day of the dance aka Valentine's day. harry know about the dance yesterday and he said we wanted to buy me my dress since I haven't bought yet. We went to the mall and he told me to go in the fitting room and he will give me the dress. Of course i told him that i want a red one so he gave me a lot of red dresses...


After 24th dresses I've tried on I finally found my perfect dress, harry haven't seen it on me. I look myself in the mirror Wow I look good. I thought.

I walked out of the fitting room to let Harry see it, his mouth really hit the ground when we saw me, litarelly.

"You!! you amazing Ellie!"


He bought me the dress and he drove me to a restaurant that seem to be closed but it wasn't. there weren't anybody in restaurant. But when I entered the were romantic light and just one table at the canter of the restaurant. There were roses on the table, so beautiful.There were also slow music playing on the background. We ate and I looked at Harry weirdly.

"Are you going to asked me what is all this for?"

"Yes!" I nodded. Right than he stood up and walk to me, he took my hand and I as well stand up too.

"Would You be my date to the Valentine's dance and also my girlfriend?"

I look at him in complete shock. "Really?" I asked. he simply nodded. "Yes, I'll love to. I wrapped my arm around his neck and kiss him, he kissed me back. That was officially the best day of my life.

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