Forever Young

This is an entry for the 1Shot41D competition. It's written in third person, when Liam is 6. It is about him at school with his best friend, Julie, on Valentin's Day.


1. Pretend it's Love

The little girl hopped out of the car with her mother right behind her.

"Lee- yum," she shrieked in excitement meeting up with him.
The little boy walked up to her a little more mature than the other kids running around them.

"Good morning, Karen," the girl, Julie, smiled good naturally at Li's mum, batting her large grey eyes.

"Hello there, Julie. Can you tell me where you mum is?" Julie jerked her thumb over her shoulder, not glancing back.

"Thanks," the adult said and left the two friends alone on the school play ground with the others.

"Whats up Lili?" The girl popped the  'P' on up and waited for him to answer.

"My mum made me get Mrs. Jones a gift," he said. Julie laughed; Mrs. Jones was their teacher, and she knew Liam didn't like her.

"Oh," Julie said brightly, " well happy Valentine's Day!" Liam said it back and high- fived her.

The two sat in the shade of the school yard away from the swings and other loud kids. They were better that way, known as the twins: liam and julie. Liam didn't like the loud boisterious rought boys who messsed with him some times. And Julie didn't like the prissy girls, the quiet ones who tried to act all proper like the queen. So the two had naturally become the best of friends throughout grade one.

Liam nodded watching an ant climb up his arm. He picked up and set it on a leaf. "Can I see my valentine now?" He asked quietly.

"Sure," bubbled the short girl. She dug theough her school pack before pulling out a slightly crumpled envilove.

Liam opened it and didn't really read it, just looked at the hearts around her name and decorating the card. She signed her name Julie A.

He waved the card around some. "Thanks!"

Haven't you got a Valentine for me," she stuck her bottom lip out a bit, in a pout.

"Err..." The little boy had forgot it was Valentine's Day at all, until his mother had forced him into a collared shirt this morning.

"Oh it's ok Lili, and I got you this." Julie rummaged through her bag again and pulled out a little pack of crayons. Liam accepted them.

The two friend were remark ably close for 6 year olds. Most of the children hadn't got over cooties and yet to their teachers amazement you had the quiet two, never in a fight, together. Their parents had had teA a few times  but because of the differences with the two... Well it was unexpected for the pairing becoming so close.

"Wanna play?" Liam asked Julie, pulling out cards.

"Sure." They always did, every day at school, they played war.

"One two three," they shouted each other, smiling at the mini duet.

Soon it was time for them to go inside to begin lessons. Liam stood up first and pulled his best friend to her feet as well. Her ran  and she skipped behind him.

"Hello class, today is Valentine's day! You can make a Valentine's  card for anyone you want!"  Mrs. Jones said.

The boy got up right away and let himself pick out a green piece of construction paper out the large stack of red and pink papers.  He grabbed his new crayons and a pair of safety scissors. As he got to work he he drew pictures instead of words on his green valentine. Then he cut the paper into, not a heart, but a triangle.

Liam wandered over to Julie's work table and laid the paper the down with pride and smiled at her.

Julie's face lit up at the card. She picked it up. It was perfect, really; Liam was the perfect friend. He had known Julie's favorite color was green and favorite shape.

She hugged him tightly. "I used my new crayons," he said pointing out his favorite part of the card.

"Do you like them?" She inquired while looking at all his little drawings. She cared about her best friend's enjoyment with his gift then her own self.


As the school day winded down Liam and Julie had ended back out in the school yard walking around together. Liam held two backpacks,  his and Julie's when she complained about it being too heavy.

Soon their parents were there to pick them up. Liam and Julie hugged then waved back at each other as they followed their mothers back to the car.

"Julie wait!" She heard her Liam cry out when she was about to get in. He ran to her and held a few dandelions that still were around in winter out to her.

She took them and smelled the makeshift bouquet. "Its lovely," she giggled at her own high voice.

Liam laughed too and bowed. "Don't be silly Jules, I know dandelions don't smell!" They collapsed in a fit of giggles.

Behind them their moms smiled at each other over their heads. "Happy Valentine's Day Julie," Liam said.

"Happy Valentine's Day Liam!" Julie said back then hugged her best friend again.

He smiled wide at her than ran back to his mom, as Julie did the same. They both got into separate back seats.

As they drove away from each other, both turned in their seats and waved out the back window to each other, promising each other tomorrow they'd be there for the other, like always.

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