You Were Mine For The Summer (finished)

Back when we was 11 years old, a guy moved next door, a guy we call, Liam Payne. He moved next door a day the summer holidays started, we got to know each other and I fell for him, for his charming personality, his voice, his looks, we spend the whole summer with each other. But after the summer had ended, Liam had to move, because he got bullied, I stuck up for him as much as I could but we was only 11, how could I defend him more. So he and his family moved. this is a story about Kaitlyn Mayer will she be able to find her Summer Love, will she remember him? will he remember her? if they dont, will they fall in love with each other all over again when Kaitlyn goes to a concert of her favourite band, One Direction (all the boys are included in this, it just starts of with Liam) hope you enjoy it :)


19. the rest of the day

Liam's POV

this is great, I cant believe we get to spend a long time with Kaitlyn, I admit, i have a tiny little crush on her, a tiny one, she;s so beautiful, and she's so nice and caring, "right guys and Kaitlyn this is where you will be staying for a couple of nights, in this house, tomorrow you will go to Capital FM, Kaitlyn will be interviewing you at all times dont forget, then the day after you will head off to The Hits Radio in Manchester, i will take you to the hotel in Manchester, you will spend three nights there because, you will go to Key 103 the day after the hits and then you will go to Real radio in the north west" Kaitlyn's boss ordered, we nodded our heads, she gave me the key and she left us to it.

"right lets go in then" I said as i turned the keys and opened the door, everyone went in. I shut the door, the place was big, i had 4 bedrooms, there was 2 people per bedroom, obviously Kaitlyn is a girl, she sleeps alone, but one of us has to sleep alone to, "so we know Kaitlyn is alone, who else wants to be alone" I asked, no-one raised there hand, "Liam, why dont we work it out like this, who snores" Louis asked, Zayn and Niall raised their hands up, "right you two are ib the same bed, no way am I sleeping wiht any snorers" Louis said, everyone laughed.

"ok thats settled, now what about you 3" Kaitlyn asked, "how can we work this" Harry asked, "well who doesnt like sleeping on their own" Kaitlyn asked, Louis and Harry raised their hand, i knew this, I was scared of being alone to be honest, it can be lonely, but I prefer Harry and Louis to sleep because they may get scared, ide rather be scared than put them throughscaredness, "sorry Li" Harry said, "its fine, if you dont like sleeping alone, its fine" I smiled, "right thats settled then" Zayn said, we all agreed and went to sit on the sofa, "put the TV on someone" Niall moaned as we all sat down, "I will" Kaitlyn offered, we all awwed, she got up and turned it on, "put the news on, want to see vats appening" Zayn joked, so we did.

'mystery girl with the band One Direction, who is she? is she one of their girlfriends?' they said, "come on" Louis yelled at the TV, "you cant even have an interviewer with us now without being accused of going out with them" Harry added, "I know"  Kaitlyn sighed, I took to twitter 'I wish press would stop twisting things, guys the 'mystery girl' the paps saw us with was our radio interviewer, she's a learning student, she's been told she has to tour with us, just making that clear :)' I tweeted, m"right should be all done now" I announced, "what" everyone said confused, "I tweeted who she really was, so everyone should know now" I smiled, "well done Liam" the boys said, "yea well done Li" Kaitlyn winked, I laughed.

when everyone was getting tired it was 12 o clock, all night we had  just ate, watched TV and talked, we all decided to go to bed at 12, but before we did, Louis said, "are you two going to be alright, sleeping on your own, you could just sleep in the same bed, we wouldnt laugh" Louis said, seriously, for once, "noo, its fine" I replied, Kaitlyn agreed, "are you sure" Harry asked, I was unsure to be honest, I could tell Kaitlyn was a little un easy to, we both nodded, "I bet your not sure, and you are scared, you just dont want to admit it but if you say your sure, dont say we didnt ask" Niall shrugged. with that we all said goodnight and went to bed.

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