You Were Mine For The Summer (finished)

Back when we was 11 years old, a guy moved next door, a guy we call, Liam Payne. He moved next door a day the summer holidays started, we got to know each other and I fell for him, for his charming personality, his voice, his looks, we spend the whole summer with each other. But after the summer had ended, Liam had to move, because he got bullied, I stuck up for him as much as I could but we was only 11, how could I defend him more. So he and his family moved. this is a story about Kaitlyn Mayer will she be able to find her Summer Love, will she remember him? will he remember her? if they dont, will they fall in love with each other all over again when Kaitlyn goes to a concert of her favourite band, One Direction (all the boys are included in this, it just starts of with Liam) hope you enjoy it :)


25. Real radio

Still Kaitlyn's POV

we got up the next morning, we have decided that from now on, so we dont get lovely that Liam and i should share a bed, i aint complaining though, so anyway we woke, Liam and i was discussing what it was that Paul wanted to discuss with us, we didn't know what it was, all of us got ready and ordered a mini bus for the Real Radio interview today in the north west, since we was there, so when the tour bus arrived we got in, and traveled to where the interview was being held.

when we got there fans where everywhere as usual they stopped for a while, talked, signed and took photos and we went in the station where we was greeted by a radio presenter from wish FM (Wigan radio) which is part of real radio North west, (I know this because ive been in the radio station) we was greeted by Chris Millow, he welcomed us and we went in the studios, and they went on air.

"welcome everyone, One Direction are here, hello boys" he greeted, the boys cheered, "how are you feeling after going from radio to radio" he asked, "well its alright, we just keep having a laugh and its fun" Niall said, "that's good, so Harry your from the North western area in Holmes Chapel arnt you" he asked, "yes I am" Harry replied, "do you guys miss home" I spoke up, "yes we do, an awful lot, well your with us, you should know to" Zayn replied, "yes, I agree, but you still love your job right" I smiled, "yes we do, we really do, we'd all be working or in college if we weren't doing what we're doing now" Louis replied chuckling, I was distracting him as he did with me yesterday.

"so what you doing after, its pretty early to be down at a radio station and not doing anything after" Chris asked, "well our tour manager Paul rang up yesterday and said after here he wants us down at the studio to discuss some things, we dont know what" Liam replied, "its a mystery" Louis giggled, "Louis you are rather a cheeky chappy arnt you" I replied, "yes I am" Louis said proudly, everyone laughed, "you heard that from here first" Chris said, so we talked and interviewed them more. at 1 pm we left Real radio, we got there at 12. so we've been there an hour.

when we got out they greeted some fans, they were talking to them, then suddenly one of them asked, "are one of you boys going out with her" she asked smiling, "no we're not, she's just out interviewer" Niall smiled, "oh right, do any of you like her" she asked, "no, but we THINK Liam does" he whispered to her, putting emphasis on 'think'  Harry whispered so no one could here, I was the only one who heard, "and we think she likes him to" he whispered again, I turned to Harry and glared at him, "oops" he said, I walked over to him and the girl and said...

"I dont like Liam love, Harry has gone a little loopy in the head" I giggled, she laughed a lot, this time Harry glared at me, "and Liam doesn't like me either" I added, "he does" Harry smirked, "whatever" I replied, "I think you and Liam look cute together" the fan spoke up, Harry smirked at that comment, "we dont" I smiled at the girl, she was nice so I was nice back "see, even a fan thinks your cute so yea, plus he does" he laughed,  "Harry Edward Styles, no he does not, why would he" I asked, "he does, trust me, ive known him for 3 years and I know when he likes a girl" he grinned, "he dont and that's that" I replied and walked off, i wish he did though, so when the boys and I had finished talking to fans we got in the tour bus to make our 5 hour journey to London.

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